Kratom Gummies are quite beneficial when it comes to revitalizing yourself after a stressful day. Derived from the Kratom plant, it is quite abundant in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and has been a natural stress reliever. Kratom is getting the spotlight after its discovery due to the opioid-ic effects that often find application in recreational activities.

Historical applications of Kratom

Kratom has been historically chewed to reduce the fatigue, by the fishermen, after a tough day. Understanding that it has the effects of giving nocturnal pleasures, it is also used as a substitute for battling withdrawal symptoms. In the US, Kratom is imported from Southeast Asian countries and sold in three different forms:

a)    Capsules

b)    Fine powder

c)     Tablets

Kratom, which is sold as Kratom Gummies, contain 7-40% mitragynine, which finds greater pharmacological applications in the treatment of withdrawal effect. 

How does Kratom reduce depression, anxiety & stress?

The plant has been quite effective in removing stress from young adults. As per the statistics, stress is one of the biggest factors for health problems in the US. More than 75% of people in the US claim to be a victim of stress, with close to 80% attributing it to workplace stress. Stress brings about a change in human behavior, and it has been supported by close to 50% of the surveyors. 

With the growing sources of stress, the uses of Kratom Gummies come as a relief. No medical test had been able to prove that they possess any opioid-like effects. Yet, one of the core components of Kratom, mitragynine, has historically proven to remove post-traumatic effects. 

The opioid receptors get bound by this substance, which in turn reduces the pain. One of the research in 2017 also goes ahead to proves that they help in uplifting the mood and bringing about joy and cheer. The research paper documents how Kratom has been successful in removing anxiety within the affected people. This is the reason why there is an upsurge in Kratom Gummies’ demands in the US. 

Benefits of using Kratom gummies

As we can see, Kratom is quite an important component in everyone’s life. Let us look at a few benefits of the Kratom gummies:

1. Alleviation of pain and discomfort:

Kratom gummies ensure the reduction of the pain that’s present in your body by binding onto the pain receptors in your brain cells. 

2. The clinical success of withdrawal symptoms:

Though there has not been any research that backs Kratom to have opioid-like effects, they do help addicts survive the withdrawal symptoms by being an alternative. 

3. Reducing blood pressure:

As Kratom often acts as a hallucinating agent, it reduces the stress in our body, thus ensuring that blood pressure comes back to normal.

4. Coping with PTSD:

Coping with PTSD can be quite stressful, and Kratom gummies have been quite successful in reducing the aftermath of stress. 

Kratom, though has multiple benefits, also has certain side effects too. Let us find out about the side effects in the next section.

Side-effects of Kratom 

Extreme care needs to be taken in terms of the dosage while taking Kratom gummies. When taken in moderation, there have not been any reported side effects as such. But over dosage has led to multiple side effects that include seizures, vomiting, addiction & many more. There have been close to 10% of cases in the US have reported seizures due to overdosing. 

Optimum Dosage

Most Kratom gummies have the perfect amount of Kratom; which is 15mg in them. You can find them in multiple flavors though, mango being the most liked one. Make sure you enjoy Kratom gummies as you relieve your stress, but take care of the dosage.