The unsteady labour flow and shortage of skillful people are the biggest issues in the construction industry. That’s why the demand for labour hire services only grow in the Australian market. Businesses and companies require additional workforce for implementation of projects on time and on budget. Most of the agencies that supply workmen will take care of safety during performing a wide range of construction works, comply with all requirements, and help you concentrate resources on other areas of your business without wasting your time and additional costs on the recruitment process.

Moreover, hiring people through a professional labour hire company, you will get the number of undisputed advantages:

  • appropriate selection of candidates for executing specific tasks;
  • customized solutions and flexibility to meet the strictest deadline or obligations under the contract;
  • your project will be executed only by trained and carefully selected workers avoiding accidental people who need a job and are ready to fulfill any tasks ignoring the quality;
  • emergency cover as if some of your workers were injured or got ill, you easily and quickly can replace an employee at any time without interrupting work and losing money;
  • paying wages is no longer your obligation as the company with which you cooperate must take care of it.

Are there any pitfalls of using labour hire services? Everything depends on the expert’s approach. If their initial goal is to satisfy the construction needs of their clients, they will always focus on improvement methodologies of risks and safety management, algorithms of picking candidates to their database, the effectiveness of a recruitment strategy, and assessing expertise, qualities, and qualifications of every potential workman. With such companies as UVS Group, you will get the right people in the right place at the right time. They will assist your project, help to deal with unpredictable circumstances, and supply workers to a site to match your expectations. But not all companies engaged in providing labour for hire are created equally. How to understand that you have picked competent experts, and what are the initial things to look for in an agency?

Picking the right labour hire company 

Safety first:

As mentioned above, every labourer should be adequately trained and adhere to OHS policies on a site. It is also the responsibility of the agency to provide protective equipment (PPE).

Best fitting of candidates to the role:

Before signing an agreement, be sure that the screening process is taken seriously, qualifications are evaluated and, a potential worker, meeting all the criteria, can fit the position and do the job properly.

Experience in the industry:

Check previous projects and feedback from past clients. It will show the level of expertise in your industry and how the team of experts is able to understand your business.


You can trust only an agency that provides guarantees. It means that experts are confident in the quality standards of their services and in the people they employ.

Do not start collaboration blindly:

Remember, never execute a project with an unverified firm. Always do research and check experts according to key criteria. Thus, you can be sure that you have only the right professionals on board.

 With UVS Group, you will get a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for your project. The team of experts in hiring labour focuses on building a long-term relationship through communication, ensuring candidates that perfectly fit your project.