In the last five years, the pizza restaurant industry in the U.S. has been on a trajectory growth of 1.6% annually to total revenue of $47 billion in 2019.

This is propelled by the rising consumer spending that taps to ever-changing customers preferences.

This should be an indicator to you as an entrepreneur that consumers are always on the lookout for good pizza. They are optimistic whenever a pizza shop opens as they value convenience, fresh plus healthy ingredients, and good service.

Still putting off that dream of opening a pizza shop? There’s no time like the present.

Keep reading to learn how to open a pizza shop of your very own!

How to Open a Pizza Shop?

Now that you have the passion and are ready to open a pizza shop, you need to understand the necessary factors that will make your pizza shop successful. People would love to hate eating pizza however; Americans love pizza because they consider it a feel-good meal.

1. Pizza Trends That Will Boost Your Shop

Three trends that you need to adapt to and will drive your pizza shop revenue include technology, healthy and quality ingredients and consumer culture. These drive the current status of consumer behavior in purchasing pizza.

  • Technology

How can a person order for pizza from the comfort of their home without the need of walking to the pizza shop? Incorporate online orders for the shop and this will see you increasing your customer reach and easy ordering and delivery

  • Healthy and Quality Ingredients

People are now keener on what they’re eating. They are inclined to eating foods that are fresh compared to foods with preservatives. Ensure you lookout for fresh, healthy and quality ingredients that will keep your clients coming back for more.

  • Consumer Culture

Who are your largest consumers? Demystify that and look at their purchase trends.

2. Be Experimental

Have a signature pizza that people would identify with your shop. Experiment with mixed recipes. You can make your pizza pop by trying out new recipes or combining two recipes for one pizza.

You can also develop non-existing pizza recipes for vegetarians or meatball pizzas. Current experimental consumers are likely to love them over the traditional pizzas.

Hone your craft to make your pizza stand out, be unique and must taste good. When you’re trying out the new recipes, write down the ingredients, the steps you take to make the pizza and the time it takes to make it. This will be handy and you’ll l not be overwhelmed when you try to reconstruct the recipe again.

Your menu is a window to state your brand identity and your service style.

3. Consider a Convenient Service Style

The vision for your pizza shop should be clear. When you are writing your business plan and seeking funding, elaborate clearly on whether you want it to be a sit-down pizzeria, delivery only or take out shop. It would be wise to incorporate all the three however, that will be determined by the availability of funds for the shop.

The sit down gives room for a wide range of consumers but requires high investment. The delivery pizza shop oozes convenience to the customer but there’s a risk of increased prices to cater to delivery labor. the take out option is more cost-effective and does not require much space.

Whatever style you opt for should communicate your brand and have a good hospitality service. Give thought to your service concept as it plays a major role in customer retention and attracting new customers.

4. Location Is Key

When you want to open a pizzeria, it’s important to know where exactly you want to run your business. After all, you need to make profits even as you serve good pizza.

Identify an area with minimal competition, heck, find a place where you could be the only pizzeria shop. In case there’s another pizzeria, do a SWOT analysis and find out what can you do different that will overshadow the competition.

Ensure you are in a spot that’s easily visible and is inviting to people as they pass by. A location that gets heavy human traffic such as busy streets or parking areas will likely attract customers if you can be spotted from a distance.

You should be in a location with your target customers. This could range from teens to middle-aged target groups. The eating patterns of the people in that location will determine your pizza shop success.

5. Professional Business Equipment

Your pizzeria idea will determine the equipment you need. It’s important to invest in good equipment that can handle large orders and can make scaling-up more convenient.

Essential equipment includes refrigeration equipment, pizza ovens, dough preparation equipment such as sheeters, pressers, and proofing cabinets. Purchase basic preparation supplies such as plates, cutters, boards and other utensils.
These are your assets and should be well taken care of to avoid recurring breakage or damage. If you are using a pizza stone, ensure your staff knows how to care for a pizza stone before and after cooking with it.

6. Marketing and Advertising Your Pizzeria

People need to know about your pizza shop. Whether locals or visitors, they should be able to identify your shop easily. Find enticing ways to attract them to your shop.

You can give offers, place adverts in the local newspapers and magazines, have a good website that has all the necessary information and participate in pizza contents incase of trade fairs.

You should also be social media savvy as this is where your target market largely lies. For online orders, ensure that consumers can easily navigate your website and can easily order and pay.

On your open day, have a grand opening with promotions and pizza tasting.

Take the Leap and Open Your Pizzeria

Most Americans consume pizza at least once per month or more, depending on their preference. Now that you know how to open a pizza shop, ensure your customers get value for their money. Hire qualified employees who can duplicate your recipes to the core and ensure they deliver quality.

To generate good profits, ensure that your brand is not compromised and you find innovative ways to attract new clients on a daily basis.

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