A mechanic is one who gets us out of those weird moments when we are unable to keep with our boasting, “Yes, we know how to fix our car”. We surely want to take help because it is wise to move on with the fact that there is still some learning left for us.

But as time gradually passes on, we learn new things through application and interest. And what’s best than to have a company of some of the major prominent tools that you should have with you. Because after all, your problem is half solved by you and a half with your inventory.

So here we have a complete guide on some of the major tools that every home mechanic should have in their place. Let’s check them out.

Smart Charger

Almost all drivers can relate to at least one situation with their car’s battery and it was an emergency. It is frustrating, annoying, and time-consuming to solve the situation when you do not have a smart charger for a car battery. And you can do nothing but take it upon yourself. That is why, there is a need to have a good, portable, powerful, and effective battery charger to keep up with your ride long term.

Work light

The work light is one of the most important aspects of a garage. They help you get to the bottom of your engine, your backseat, and even your in-depth AC compartments. Though you may have adequate lighting setup having a movable source of light is a simple and important acquisition for your place.

Workbench with Vice

Whenever your vehicles are down in a bad condition, you are not always behind the bonnet or under the hood. Sometimes, you need a proper space where you have the openness to explore the part and make the necessary changes. Also, you should take an extra helping hand in the form of a vice which would hold the machinery at the place.

Fire Extinguisher

It is an unusual situation when at a moment you are working upon your vehicle and upon the next moment, the place is on fire. It is not usual but is plausible. Having an extinguisher in your place or in your vehicle could save a lot more money than it costs. And always keep an idea on how to use it beforehand.

Power Tools

These set of tools are here to perform the things that your hand isn’t able to perform. We suggest you have at least a cordless drill and a high-speed Dremel tool. These will save time when you need time the most. And if you don’t know which ones to buy, go for a power drill with a ½-inch chuck with a decent drill bit set in 1/8th increments.

Safety Gears And First Aid Kit

Last but not least, set up your garage with proper safety guidelines and bring necessary amenities inside it. Proper eye-protecting glasses, a pair of durable gloves, and cloth coverings can be a great help for you. Always keep a medical kit with proper needed items to prevent sending you out of this world.

So here we have the top six tools that you should have with you in your garage. We surely want you the best so that your friends would be so jealous of your perfect home mechanic tool guide set.