If you thought that choosing your dream wedding dress was going to be a challenge, you’ve quickly realized that finding the best wedding venues is even more difficult. 

You’re interested in wedding venues around the world, but you don’t want to spend 2/3 of your budget to book them. 

You need help to find gorgeous international venues that won’t break the bank, and that you can return to again in the future to visit. 

Read on to learn more about three of our favorite international wedding venues. 

Afterward, you’ll be more than ready to call and check on available dates! 

1. Mama Thersl

You love the idea of a barn wedding – but you’re looking for more unique wedding venues than the same ones you’ve already seen all over Instagram. 

Especially if you’re an outdoorsy couple, consider Mama Thersl in the suburbs of Salzburg, Austria. 

Gorgeous wood paneling, spectacular views of the surrounding Alps, and hiking trails that guests can enjoy in the days leading up to the wedding abound. 

We know you’ll also love getting out those pre-wedding jitters at the wellness spa. You can enjoy home-cooked traditional Austrian meals for you and your guests, and dance the night away outside. 

2. The Hotel Antumalal

Looking for wedding venues that have a tropical climate, stunning modern architecture, and fabulous lake views? 

If so, look no further than Pucon, Chile’s Hotel Antumalal

This is the perfect spot for larger destination weddings, and we know you’ll love taking your photographs under the historic trees by the lakeside. You’ll also adore the stunning natural rockwork that countless years of history have created. 

3. Chateau Bouffemont

If you’ve always wanted to get married in France, but are looking for someplace a bit quieter than Paris, the small town of Bouffémont and its famous Chateau Bouffemont venue for a castle wedding may be your perfect spot. 

You’ll love the stunning, classic 19th-century French architecture and the rolling grounds. It’s a stone-built castle that can house up to 150 guests for dinner, 30 of which will be able to stay at the hotel overnight. You can choose to get married outdoors and take in the scenery, or, if you prefer luxe interiors, indoors. 

Especially if you’re a cuisine-focused couple, you’ll love the incredible meals and desserts that you can treat yourselves and your guests to at Chateau Bouffemont

Which of These International Wedding Venues Will You Choose?

Whether you want to get married in Chile, France, Austria, or even somewhere completely different, make sure to take the time to fully research all of your potential wedding venues. 

You want an international destination that speaks to you as a couple, but also where your guests can enjoy themselves. 

Looking for more tips on all things wedding etiquette? Need to pull off the perfect seating chart, choose the right bridesmaids dress, or write unforgettable wedding vows? 

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