If you are considering moving to Meridian, Idaho then it is the perfect time to do so. The city located in Ada County is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in Idaho State. It also remains listed as the topmost family-friendly city in the US. Its close proximity to the capital Boise is one of the many benefits that the city has to offer. Listed below are some of the things that make moving to this city highly beneficial.

Stats about Meridian

Meridian was a farming community and a suburb of the Idaho state capital, Boise. But slowly and steadily this place grew. It was around the year 2004, it graduated to become a big city from being a suburb after the population reached 50k. The current population of this city is around 84k and the median age of the people residing is 35. The average household income is around $63, 000 which is 21% higher than the US average. The unemployment rate is around 4.8% and is lower than the national average. The median price of homes in the city is about $191,000. The city has a low crime rate and is 51% lower than the national average for a crime which is around 29%. The Walkscore of Meridian is at 21 which means it is great for people who love exercises and walking. 

Low Crime Rates

When you are moving to a new city one of the topmost concerns is safety, especially if you have a family. Idaho is listed among the safest places in the nation to live and Meridian is a top choice due to its lower crime rate. As per stats, the city faces 13 crimes for every 1000 residents. That essentially means that the chances of you becoming a victim of crime are 1:75. Compared to all other Idaho communities, the Meridian crime rate is lower by 28%. If you go by the stats then this city is way safer than most similar-sized cities across the US as the crime rate is way lower than the national average. It is a great place to live if safety is your priority.  

Friendly Neighbors

Despite it becoming a metropolitan area the city still has the small-town heart. The people are friendly, warm and sociable. They are helpful and generous and love to give back to the community especially to those in dire need of it through donations. What is thought of as a rarity in some of the big cities, Meridian offers better camaraderie. There is a high likelihood of you getting along with people who stay close to your home as every neighborhood is welcoming and friendly. There are many safe and friendly neighborhoods to accommodate the city’s population so you can pick one based on your needs. 

Real Estate is Affordable

The real estate market forecast for 2020 shows a positive growth like the previous years. The same holds good for houses in Meridian, they are predicted to grow at a rate of 4.8% by August 2020. According to some real estate experts for Homes in Meridian, the median listing price per square foot is $174. So, homes workout cheaper here than in Boise, considering Meridian is only 11 miles away from the capital. If you are working in Boise, you can live in a bigger house in Meridian for the same budget.  

Less Commute Time

If you are from a big city like New York you would know how important it is to save time on the commute. The time needed to travel a distance of 11 miles from downtown Meridian to downtown Boise is only 17 minutes by car and 54 minutes by bike. Compare this with a commute of the same distance from Lower Manhattan to Fort George which is about 1 hr by car or subway or more in a bike. So when you move to this city you know your commute will be short and you spend less time on the road and in traffic. 

Great Entertainment Destination

If you have decided to move to Meridian, you should know that there are many great attractions and fun activities. It has activities that suit an adventure seeker or a homebody. This city is the home for some of the best and the latest entertainment hotspots in the state. Some of them include Meridian Speedway, Settler’s park, Roaring Spring Water Park to name a few. 

Summer Sports

Summers can be spent in the water, Roaring Springs is the biggest water park in the NorthEast and visiting this park with your family can become a summer tradition. It has some cool rides and a wave pool, speed slides, etc. There are other fun places for the families to visit like the Wahooz Fun Zone and Pinz Bowling center. There is never a dull day at Meridian. Payette River is another great place to try your skills at kayaking and water rafting. 

Winter Sports

One of the advantages of living in Idaho is that you get to do some amazing winter sports activities. Meridian has some great spots for skiing, snowboarding, and a variety of slopes for beginners as well as advanced levels. 

The Village

If you are not keen on any of the outdoor activities, then there is the Village which is an outdoor shopping mall. You can shop for any product ranging from organic food products to the latest clothing collection from among the 50 shops available in the mall. It also houses some nice restaurants with diverse food options to suit all your cravings. The Village also has an arcade and a movie theatre to catch the latest flicks. It is a popular place for live music and other such events. 

The above-mentioned pointers will hopefully make your decision of moving to Meridian easier. It is a fantastic city to live in. It is an ideal place if you are looking to live in a city that has amazing outdoor activities, great family entertainment, affordable home prices, low crime rate, and friendly neighbors. The icing on the cake is a great economy with numerous job opportunities.