Roads in Sugar Land, Texas, worldwide are crowded with cars, bikes, and motorcycles. It is not a surprise that accidents occur from time to time. With average ownership of two cars per household, most people in Sugar Land travel by car.

When two drivers get into an accident, the negotiation process can be complicated. Who is at fault? How much money should each driver receive? These are some questions that need to be answered during a negotiation. 

This article will discuss how to handle a negotiation between two drivers and how a Sugar Land car accident lawyer can help.

1. Establish Liability

The first step in negotiation is to establish liability. It means determining who caused the accident and how much each driver contributed. Here are some factors which can help determine liability:

-Location of the Accident 

The Traffic Management Center (TMC) in Sugar Land features a dedicated room with 18 screens that help monitor traffic at the city’s 90 signalized intersections. 

Depending on the place of the accident, either driver could be considered liable. If the accident occurred on a two-way road with a traffic light, the driver who ran the red light would be liable. 


If witnesses to the accident, their testimonies can help determine liability.

-Police Report 

The police report can shed some light on the events that led to the accident and who was at fault. 

-Insurance Report 

Insurance companies usually conduct their investigations and file a report as soon as possible after an accident.

-Photos of the Accident Scene 

Some states also have laws that provide evidence, such as photographs and videos, to help establish liability.

2. Exchange Information

After liability is established, both drivers should exchange information. It includes: 



-Phone Number  

-Driver’s License Number 

-License Plate Number 

-Date of Birth 

-Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 

-Insurance Information.

This information can be exchanged in person or via phone. The parties should also exchange the contact information of their attorneys if they have any. 

3. Assess Damages 

After the drivers have exchanged information, they should assess damages. It would include both property damage and personal injury. Property damage can be assessed by looking at the accident scene photos and estimating the cost to repair or replace the damaged property.  

Personal injury can be analyzed by looking at medical records and determining the amount of compensation. A good Sugar Land car accident lawyer can help you put all the facts together and calculate the right compensation that you deserve for all the damages and injuries you received due to the accident. 

4. Settle The Claim 

After assessing liability and damages, it is time to settle the claim. Both drivers should talk about how they want to get compensated and reach an agreement. If they cannot do so, the case may have to go to court. A car attorney can help with this.

These experts can help determine the reasonable compensation amount for both drivers. 

5. Take Legal Action

Court cases can be expensive and time-consuming, so it would be best to try and settle the case out of court. If that fails, it is time for legal action. A car accident attorney can help with this.

Final Words 

A negotiation between two drivers typically involves determining fault and compensation. If you have been in an accident as a passenger, driver, bystander, or cyclist, speaking with an experienced car accident lawyer is the best next step to ascertain your rights are maintained and that you receive the due compensation for all the damages you suffered because of the incident.