At home, when the power goes out, it’s inconvenient. At your business, however, a power outage could be devastating.

All businesses require power for one reason or another. However, because it’s always been available, we tend to take it for granted. We expect to open up shop and have everything working all day long.

But what if suddenly, it wasn’t working? Could your business operate? Would there be any damages?

For the general power outage that lasts less than four hours, your business would take a small hit, but ultimately, you’d be fine without an emergency energy source.

However, what if it lasted more than four hours? What if it lasted 12 or 24?

Without an emergency power source, a day-long power outage could really hurt your business. Investing in a commercial generator could be one of the best business decisions you make this year. 

If you haven’t considered what’s at stake, check out our top reasons why you need a backup generator.

Reasons You Need an Emergency Power Source

While typical powerline interruptions caused by car accidents, overloaded systems, and animals don’t last long, stopping business in the middle of the day isn’t ideal.

Imagine shuffling customers out of the store in the dark, hoping no one decides to steal anything. 

Alternatively, imagine a day-long power outage. Your business would be shot for the day. Even highly successful business owners don’t enjoy missing out on a good day’s profits.

Instead, why not avoid the problem altogether?

An emergency power source will kick on as soon as the power fails. This creates a smooth transition, a single hiccup in your operations.

It’s important for a business owner to understand what type of generator they need. It would be wise for them to read over a commercial generator buying guide.

1. Maintain Wellness of Products

Some businesses, especially grocery stores, rely on power to maintain the quality of their products. A long-term power outage in a grocery store could single-handedly destroy thousands of dollars worth of products. 

Restaurants also rely heavily on refrigerators and freezers. Moreover, losing power in the middle of a busy dinner rush could mean losing out on all the unpaid tickets. 

An emergency power source will boot up the second the main power system goes down, keep the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff hot. Additionally, it will keep customers in their seats so they can pay their bill. 

2. Maintain Safety

One of the biggest threats during a power outage is an increased risk of safety. If your business involves hazardous jobs or machinery, a power outage could legitimately put lives at risk.

Alternatively, a power outage in a busy store creates a huge risk of people tripping and running into things. If there is limited to zero light, people who are afraid can also become panicked and dangerous. 

An emergency power source keeps everything running, including the lights, maximizing safety.

3. Maintain Security

Unfortunately, people look at businesses like things, never thinking about the owners behind the store. Because of this, during power outages, some people may feel inclined to steal.

While it’s unfortunate, it’s not uncommon. Humans are opportunistic by nature. And some humans, sadly, cannot integrate morals with opportunity.

Additionally, if the power goes out after hours, it may leave your business vulnerable to a break-in. No power generally means no security cameras and recorded video.

With an emergency power source, your cameras and other security devices stay running, protecting your business.

4. Severe Weather and Blackouts

Weather-related power outages have almost doubled in the past 16 years. While it’s still a matter of debate, many believe it’s due to human-inflicted climate change on our planet. 

Severe weather storms bring wind, hail, lightning, heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, and more. All of these elemental factors can cause power outages, given the right circumstances.

Additionally, as our modern civilization expands and advances, so does our reliance on electricity. Every 18 seconds, the United States grows by one person. Every new person adds another load to an already over-taxed and aging power grid. 

While maintenance and upgrades are being done around the clock, it’s difficult to keep up with our country’s growing need for electricity.

5. Uninterrupted Flow of Business

Few businesses can continue to run without power. A gym would be unsafe to use in the dark, a retail store would couldn’t check customers out, and a production warehouse would be stuck at a stand-still.

An emergency power source is a great investment for business owners of all types. The upfront cost could very well pay for itself during the first year of power outages by keeping things moving.

6. Maintain a Comfortable Environment

An emergency power source is vital for businesses located in areas prone to extreme temperatures. 

Imagine losing power for a long period of time during a hot summer day. Even when the power comes back on, it won’t be comfortable for customers or employees.

Alternatively, losing power during sub-zero temperature could become a safety issue.

7. Keep Office Workers Working

Office buildings may not have temperature dependent products, but they have a lot of workers who can’t do a thing without computers.

Having an emergency power source connected to your office building is a brilliant way to ensure you never have an “off” day. Additionally, it will keep your office workers safe, secure, and comfortable in the event of a power outage. Most importantly, it will keep the wheels of business turning. 

8. Maintain Communication With the Outside World

Finally, a power outage usually affects the entire power grid it’s located on. If the power goes out on the entire city block, it will be difficult to know how much of the city is affected and why it’s happening.

An emergency power source allows you to maintain outside communication.

This is especially important during natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes. A backup generator simply keeping the lights on in this scenario will go miles in keeping people calm.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

A power outage may come today. A severe weather event may come tomorrow. We simply never know what’s around the corner.

Whether it’s for safety, security, or the continuation of operations, an emergency energy source is vital to your businesses well-being in the event of a power outage. 

Don’t hesitate, start looking for an emergency power source today!