You’ve worked hard for most of your life. You’re quickly approaching retirement where you can enjoy your golden years. It’s the reward we get for a lifetime of toil, but where do you plan on retiring too?

It’s tempting to retire in your home town, but there are many other places in the United States where your retirement dollars go a little farther. Life should be enjoyed and affordable retirement communities provide the support you need a price you can afford.

Many seniors struggle to live on a fixed income, but you can make the best of it by choosing one of these places to live.

Live in Affordable Retirement Communities in Memphis, Tenn.

Memphis is famous for its amazing food and history of Jazz, but seniors will find it perfect for retirement as well. Your dollar goes farther in Memphis with the average cost of living about 26 percent less than the national average.

There’s always something to do in Memphis. You can explore the many eateries and museums or take a guided tour through Graceland. Why not, living in Memphis lets you afford the little extras.

Spend Your Golden Years in Lakeland, Fla.

People often talk about retiring to Florida, but the cost of living often proves too much for many seniors. Midwesterners want to avoid the hazardous winters, but Daytona Beach and other major cities aren’t affordable.

If you want Florida whether without Florida prices, then check out Lakeland. Retirees can have a good home for less than $1200 a month and there’s no state income tax. Why not get a part-time job doing something you love?

You’ll get all the benefits of Florida weather without the cost and constant tourism of the major cities.

Enjoy Life in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Seniors new to retirement often want an active lifestyle, but find many cities lacking in fun things for seniors. Sioux Falls is not only affordable but full of fun activities and events seniors can enjoy. It has affordable homes, two non-profit hospitals that don’t charge you an arm and a leg and some of the lowest tax rates you’ll find anywhere.

If you want fun, check out Falls Park, the local zoo or the USS Dakota Battleship Memorial. There’s no reason for you to not have fun while you’re retired in a continuing care retirement community.

Enjoy Tax Breaks in New Castle County, Del.

It was once said that the only guarantees in life were death and taxes…unless you live in Delaware. Seniors aren’t taxed on Social Security income, there’s absolutely no sales tax and has some of the lowest property taxes you’ll find.

Your dollar goes a lot farther when Uncle Sam takes less of it. New Castle County also has a robust public transportation system if you can’t drive. You’re near several major cities, but there are many local events and attractions as well.

The Hidden Gem of Birmingham, Ala.

If you’re a senior that is used to the hustle and bustle of a larger city but don’t want big city taxes, then consider Birmingham for retirement. Unlike other large cities, it boasts a lower cost of living and no taxation of your Social Security income.

Low home prices and rich history with many attractions make it an ideal spot to spend your days.

Live the Life You Want

Many seniors find themselves living a life constrained by fixed income, but these cities have affordable retirement communities and plenty of events and attractions to keep you busy.

If you want to learn more about financing retirement or where to retire, then please explore our site.