Many riders would agree with the point that driving a motorcycle is far more dangerous than driving a car. Even the smallest obstacle such as a small crack or a leave can cause a severe bike accident. While you are driving a car, you got seat belts, airbags but on a bike, you are on your own. Maybe the higher risk of riding a bike lures youths more and they prefer bikes over cars. However, whatever skills you have in bike riding, no one knows how, when, and where an accident might happen. So, what are the ways to reduce the chances of facing an accident?

In this blog, we will precisely answer this query. We will share with you some easy and effective safety tips to avoid motorcycle accidents and injuries. Stay tuned and keep reading the post till the end.

i) Wear a helmet:

This is probably the most mandatory and most suggested safety tips while you are riding a bike. Wearing a helmet not only reduces your chance of facing an accident but also reduces the potential impact of a fatal accident. Moreover, it saves the most important part of your body, the head. Statistics of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that among 100 bikers without helmets who get killed due to an accident, 37 could be saved if they would wear a helmet. So when you are on your bike an ready for a journey, don’t ever forget to wear a helmet and make sure that it fulfills the Department of Transportation standards and requirements.

ii) Do not drive if you are drunk:

If you have alcohol inside you, you cannot be in the right state of mind. And riding a bike requires utmost attention, physical ability, and precision. As per NHTSA, nearly half of the total accidents in the USA involve alcohol. So, if you planning to go out with your bike, stay away from alcohol.

iii) Maintain your bike properly:

To avoid motorcycle accidents and injuries, it is not enough you stay fit and fine. In addition, you should also make sure that your bike stays as fit as you. So, regularly check whether your motorcycle is in superb running condition or not. Change the tires immediately if you find any glitch or hiccup. In addition, check the headlamps, indicators, brakes of your bike on a time to time basis to maintain an excellent running condition.

iv) Maintain the speed limit:

Do not be over-adventurous and push the accelerator hard. Always remember, with more speed, it becomes more difficult to control a bike because you get less time for reaction. The pro bikers you see on the TV are extremely professional and skilled. Still, they also take all safety measures and always suggest to maintain the speed limit. Reduce the speed while taking sharp turns and riding in residential areas.

v) Don’t share lanes and avoid common mistakes:

You would never see two cars are sharing lanes and the same goes for bikes too. Do not share lanes with other vehicles and override traffic signals. Moreover, try to avoid the common mistakes that bike riders often commit. Some examples include changing lanes without a proper indicator signal, closing to a corner at a high speed, etc. The best way to avoid a mistake is by knowing the mistake prior to doing it.

Final thought:

No one wants to get involved in a bike accident. But unfortunately, it can happen, even if you do not do any mistakes. However, a bike accident also involves many legal parameters. So, if you ever face a bike accident, you can ask for legal assistance services such as Atlanta bike injury lawyer.