When shopping you can spend a lot of money, there are no limits to the top, but you can also save money. If you want to know how, it’s not that hard, here are some tips.

Shopping at the discount store

Products from discounters are much cheaper than branded products. In the quality, the products are usually not worse. In comparison, no-name products often fare better than branded products. So you do not have to give up good quality when you shop at the discount store.

Planning the purchase

You should create a shopping list so that you really only buy the products you need while shopping. In addition, you should rather buy a large amount directly, as spontaneous to get only small quantities of food. It is advisable to look at magazines before purchasing to save money. Also when shopping you will find many offers. You should pay attention to whether it is really an offer or just a lure. We also recommend cashback or promo code offers and to use, here can save a lot of money. 

When shopping you should also look at the top and bottom shelf, often there are the cheaper products. The expensive goods are mostly at eye level.
Important: Never go shopping hungry when you are full, you automatically buy less (this has been scientifically proven in many purchasing studies). If possible, choose a shopping basket instead of the shopping cart. The shopping cart is so big that it looks less when there is something in it. With your children you should agree before buying how much sweets is bought. As a result, they whine less and you will not buy so much spontaneously. Do not pay with the debit card. If you pay in cash, you usually spend less. Please take reusable bags or basket with, so you save you the purchase of plastic bags and do something for the environment.

In USA, as in many other countries in this world, there is a big tendency for waste. We throw food in the trash or dispose of old clothes without even thinking about how useful these things could be to other people. Not only do you have to think about third world countries. Here in USA there are a large number of people who are in need of help and are very happy about food and clothes. But now a change is to be felt because in USA, more and more people wake up and realize how lavishly they sometimes go through life.

Residual supermarket and second-hand shop are just a few examples of business models that are proving to be very useful in this day and age. We would like to bring you closer to these models and also to point out how you can do something in everyday life to curb your own waste. After all, you can create in this way in addition to the good deed and some protection for your own purse.

You do not always have to buy branded products. Also no-name items for example from Zara or H & M are good in quality and much cheaper. Also on the Internet or in the classifieds of the daily or district newspaper, you can find great bargains. Use coupons and coupons when shopping, this trend is coming from the US more and more here with us. Many vendors offer coupons, do not chuck them away, collect them and use them the next time you make a purchase.

There are many ways to save money while shopping. Often you do not even have to do without something if you plan your shopping well.

To cook yourself

Cooking yourself is much cheaper than buying ready meals. For example, the ingredients for a salad are much cheaper than buying it at the salad bar. Potato casseroles and pasta dishes you can easily prepare and it makes several people full, for only a few dollars. But cooking does not only save money, it is also much healthier at the same time. In ready meals lurking often many additives, preservatives and flavor enhancers, if one cooks oneself one can regulate the self and dispenses with industrial admissions.

Shop clothes in a second-hand shop? Is that hygienic?

Anyone shopping for clothes today will, in most cases, do so over the Internet. The walk to the shops is cumbersome and often is not the right thing. So you save the way and shop online, but there are in the pedestrian streets of our country a bunch of great second-hand shops, in which you can go on a journey of discovery. Second-hand means, in principle, that the garments have previously belonged to another person. Each piece is therefore in the store usually only once and only in this size. So you have to make a few cuts and sometimes take what you get. But you get it very cheap because in these shops you can also find branded clothing and that at a bargain price.

But second-hand shops are not just about shopping for people who are short of cash. Here you can often find a great selection and it forms not infrequently also a community, within which forms a kind of exchange. Now to the question of whether this type of purchase is hygienic at all. Why not? Before people give up their old clothes, they are usually washed and even if not, you can do that after you have bought a piece. The second-hand shop has prevailed in USA for many years and offers a great alternative to expensive new goods.

Barter transaction via the app

Throwing away stuff seems to be a thing of the past in today’s society. We pay more attention to our consumption and so many apps have recently been developed, with the help of which it is possible to carry out barter transactions. For example, there are flea-market apps that people use to trade items from a variety of areas or apps that people use to trade or give away food. When something is no longer needed, it does not automatically mean that other people think you have to throw it away. As the saying goes, every article will eventually find a buyer. That is quite true. Apps and online portals today give us the chance to share old stuff so they can find use. So we go back to the time of bartering,

Stop the waste! Think more about other people!

In the end, it does not matter if you put your old clothes in a collection center or give them away to a second-hand shop. The thought counts and consideration for other people who may not live in such luxury that they have clothes or food in abundance. It is important that we also learn in USA over the next few years that by waste we throw a large number of goods in the trash, although the goods may well still be useful. Therefore, we should all take ourselves aside and think about whether we allow waste in our own household and in what way we can make this a dash through the bill. Then it’s finally over with the waste and we can think more about how we can help other people.