Sometimes it is just time to sell your wheelchair-accessible vehicle or WAV. You want to make sure that you get a fair price for it, so you need to do a few things before you put it on the market. You can usually do the things that need to be done all on your own.

 There are many questions that you need to ask yourself. One, of course, will be “how do sell my wheelchair accessible vehicle and where do I sell it?” This article will help you through some of those questions.

This article will give you some tips on what to do to get your WAV sold and how to sell it quickly. It will help you to figure out how to make your WAV look its best before you put it on the market. Read on to see the tips that can help you make a little money.

Tips to Sell Your WAV

               The first thing that you need to do is clean your vehicle both inside and out. Take it to a car wash and have it completely detailed. If you have dents and dings in it, spend a few dollars to have it fixed. Spending a few dollars now will get you more money when you sell. You also need to make sure that everything is in working order with the slides and ramps. You want the tracks and under the ramp to be clean, as well. Make sure that you oil the sliding doors and use silicone spray on the hinges on the ramps.

               Next, take some good pictures of your vehicle that bring out the best of it. Take pictures from front to back, on both sides and inside. You want to take photos from every angle that you could possibly imagine. Think about what pictures you would want to see if you were the one buying and take those pictures. Take the pictures outdoors so you get all the light. Have lights on in the interior so you can show that off, too.

               After that, you want to get all the service records for the van and put them together. You want every record that shows your oil changes, new brakes, tune-ups, or whatever else that you did for it. If you did the conversion, have those records, as well. Look here to see what records you should have: This will show that you were diligent in caring for the vehicle.

               You will also want to get all the manuals together – any manuals for your conversion, your owner’s manual, and any other manuals that you might have. Put them together with your service records so that they do not get lost. This will all help you to sell your vehicle because the new owners will know that you have taken diligent care of it.

               Prepare yourself for a quick sale after you have gotten everything together. You will also need to make sure that you have the pink slip for the van, as well as your insurance card and your registration. If you still owe a balance on the vehicle, you will also want to call the lender and see how much your payoff is. You will also want to find out what to do to arrange the sale and how to get a clear title for the new owner.

               Get an independent appraisal to see how much you should ask for your vehicle. You might even get lucky and have the appraiser buy it from you. Right now, wheelchair accessible vehicles are hard to come by and dealers are always looking for more. In this economy, most people are holding onto their vehicles longer. You can look here to see how to find an independent appraisal. This will help you to get a better price for your vehicle.

               You will want to price your vehicle fairly after you have received your appraisal. You can also go online and see what others are pricing their WAVs and go from there. You want to be fair, but you want to be able to make some money from it, as well. You can consider pricing it a little higher in case someone wants to bargain with you over the price. If you price it a little higher, you can still get what you want from it.

               Unlike other vehicles, WAVs are popular all year round so you do not have to wait for a special time to list it for sale. It won’t be like having to wait for summer to sell your convertible or wait until fall to sell your four-wheel drive. Again, people want WAVs all year round and you can get a good price for it anytime.

               You can target your potential customers by advertising in specialty newspapers and magazines. You could also look at local organizations that work with people with mobility issues to see if you could list it there. You could list it in your local marketplace or newspaper, but it might get lost with all the other vehicles.

               You want to be flexible – as was mentioned above, there may be dealerships that want to buy your vehicle. They will usually give you a fair price for your WAV because they are a necessary vehicle for many families. You could also find an online dealer that would come to your home to buy it. You want to make sure that you sell your vehicle, so you need to think of other options.


               If you need to sell your WAV and want to do it quickly, you need to follow some of the tips that are listed above. You want to clean it up and take lots of pictures of it. You also want to make sure that you have all your service records and your manuals together so that you can share them with the new owner. Make sure that you talk to your lender about what you still owe and how to get a clean title. If you follow all the above tips, you will be able to sell your WAV quickly.