Shipments of large items like furniture and cars can be far more complex than your average package delivery, necessitating white-glove services, special handling procedures, and over-the-threshold delivery – which all drive up costs considerably.

To keep costs at bay, choose a company offering bulk rates and discounts on oversized shipments. Also, ensure your product dimensions and weights match to avoid additional dimensional charges during transit.


Though the whole process can be challenging. Involving special handling and packaging needs as well as considering its distance traveled can be complex; all major carriers divide up the country into zones, with each zone increasing costs depending on its length to its destination – especially true of packages exceeding 108 inches in length or 165 inches combined length plus width.

To reduce prices further, consider switching carriers when shipping items larger than these dimensions. Be mindful that prices tend to increase when shipping between large cities or metro areas, due to carriers needing to purchase additional fuel costs in order to reach these locations, or having to travel further out of their way for pickup or delivery of shipments.

Reliable shipping solution partners can assist in finding the cheapest way to transport a car or truck. The best car transportation company will offer comprehensive logistics solutions and online freight shipping calculators, but also provide complete logistics solutions and work with you to get the most cost-effective deal. They may even arrange LTL shipments, helping reduce expenses without compromising safety or speed.


When sending your larger items, like furniture and cars, it may take more time and cost more than anticipated due to handling, transporting and delivery challenges unique to larger parcels. They require special handling procedures and more careful packing efforts compared with smaller packages, often being inspected multiple times to ensure quality before being sent on their journeys – all factors which increase delivery times and further raise delivery costs.

As such, it is crucial to comprehend how the shipping process operates (which you can learn about by clicking here) and take measures to improve it. Some examples of such activities would include deconstructing your item prior to packing for shipment as well as selecting an efficient method of shipment to ensure its safe arrival at its final destination on schedule.

Noting the policies of each shipping company is also vital; every carrier only has so much room in their vehicles to accommodate oversized items and freight shipments, which could have an impactful price impact.


when selecting the ideal packaging material and carrier for shipping oversized packages, it’s essential that you select one with low rates and attractive discounts for order frequency; other carriers may have flat rate costs or discounts depending on package dimensions and destination; it is wise to conduct research into various carriers as each has their own policies that could impact final costs.

It may be worthwhile doing your own research as each carrier may vary significantly in pricing policies – some offer discounts while others have flat rates; it would also help if dimensions and destination of your shipment could influence its total cost impact as they could influence total costs when shipping them out compared to choosing an alternative carrier with more favorable terms compared to those who do offer cheap rates when shipping large packages out there.

Once you have selected a carrier, enter the product details into a shipping calculator to determine its size and weight. A list of available shipping options will appear. If the product is too large for any one option, splitting it up may save money on oversize charges; just be wary when doing this as each individual box must be measured and weighed separately!

Large carriers typically offer various oversized shipping services ( When searching for such services, look for those with large trucks and experienced handlers as well as any discounts that might be offered. It may also be wise to ship bulk when possible in order to save costs associated with larger shipments.


When sending large items, it is a good idea to consider all costs involved. Many shipping companies provide different rates and services; it is wise to investigate all available options before selecting your provider. An online shipping calculator can provide an estimated estimate for how much your shipment will cost depending on its weight, dimensions, and destination.

Sending large, heavy items can be costly if not planned correctly. To minimize costs and ensure secure packing of your item in a sturdy box with sufficient padding and tonnage; and then ship via a freight company with adequate equipment to handle its size; additionally you may have to arrange for inside delivery or drop off at residential addresses, further increasing overall costs of shipment.

Consolidated freight can help lower prices for larger items by consolidating multiple packages into one container, then consolidating closer to their final destinations. It is particularly useful if you need to ship multiple packages weighing 70 pounds or more at once.