Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, stressful, and plain awkward! You have to write a resume, a cover letter, memorize what to do, and even what to say. As if that isn’t stressful enough, you still have to worry about what to wear during the interview.

That’s sad, huh?

However, jobs are super hard to find these days and you can’t let inappropriate wear ruin your chances. Once the paperwork has made an impression, it will now be your turn to prove to the interviewers that you have more to offer. And to do this, you will have to put forward a polished and professional look that will make a lasting impression.

Well, to help you with this, we have prepared a few fashion tips to help you dress for success when attending your next interview.

1.     Research about the company’s dress code

When preparing for an interview, consider the dress code of the organization first. Take a look at the few positions above the one you will be applying for and get to know what they wear. Use that information to determine what is best to wear during your interview.

For example, if you are applying for the position of shift supervisor at Walmart, most shift supervisors will wear khaki and a polo shirt when working. However, you need to go the extra mile to impress your interviewer by showing up, officially dressed in a suit and a tie.

Dressing better than employees at your level shows that you have an executive mentality and the drive to rise up the ranks.

 Don’t know what the company’s dress code is? Engage in a little internet stalking to find out how employees in the company dress. Then, model yourself accordingly. 

2.     Avoid overdressing

Keep your dressing simple and stylish.

What your interviewer will be focusing on is you, not your attire. Avoid overdressing and embrace a simple approach. This means going easy on your makeup, jewelry, and clothing.

Choose neutral colors and avoid loud patterns that can be distracting to your interviewers.

 3.     Stay comfortable

Interviews are stressful and comfort goes a long way in making the whole process more bearable. Interviewers can easily identify nervousness and unrest from the candidates.

Unrest and discomfort may be as a result of your new attire or shoes, that you bought a day before. But, your interviewer may not know this. They’ll assume that you are not confident or competent enough.

Therefore, when dressing for an interview, choose clothes that you are comfortable with, preferably, clothes you’ve worn before.

4.     This isn’t 1990

Back in the day, people would dress in oversized and outdated clothing, but due to a severe shortage of labor, they’d still get hired.

Wearing an outdated suit will send a bad message to your interviewer. Interviewers are looking for employees who look like they are living in the present. Therefore, consider a current style when dressing for an interview. 

As a general rule of thumb, stay away from outfits older than five years. This will help you to stay up-to-date and dress like you had good jobs in the past.

It is also important not to go for a very trendy look. For example, a new NJ employment lawyer should consider wearing a nice suit and a professional tie. This is not the time to dig up your ‘SpongeBob’s tie. Avoid looking like a freshly minted grad who’s looking for an internship opportunity.  

5.     Avoid  perfume

Resist the urge to spritz on your favorite scent once you are dressed for your interview. Even if you think your perfume smells great, you cannot predict whether an interviewer will like it or not. You might end up damaging your candidacy if they have a bad reaction to your fragrance. Perfume can also linger long after you have left a room; you don’t want to be remembered for your scent but for your skills and professional demeanor. 

Key takeaways

Interviews are all about making a good impression on your potential employers. Choosing what to wear is just as important as writing a resume or cover letter. While choosing your attire, ensure that you achieve a balance between staying comfortable and stylish, and professional. Dress like you have been in the industry a little longer as this will boost your overall image in the interview room.