Kiddush cups are of much importance when it comes to Jewish festival Shabbat. The other meaning of Kiddush is sanctification. The material that is used during the process is wine or a grape juice. The process is carried out during Jewish Holidays or during Shabbat. From here it is seen that for a Jewish, a holiday seems to be of much importance.

Kiddush during Shabbat as a tradition

The meeting of all the family members and friends to spend a special time with each other is accomplished during the time of Shabbat. There are two basic elements that one should never forget and always remember is Shamor and Zakhor. They are Jewish words that literally mean rules and rituals. In other words it can be explained in a manner that one must follow the rules and regulations while keeping Shabbat. The thing which one has to keep in mind to make Shabbat a special event is he/she has to make sure that special arrangements are made along with the Kiddush ceremony to be performed in parallel

One has to recite the Kiddush while offering the Kiddush drink in silver Kiddush cups. This recitation is mainly done on the eve of Shabbat meal. In normal practice the Kiddush is being recited before the morning meal and according to the rituals there is no rule to recite Kiddush during the third meal of the day. During Shabbat, drinking wine is much essential ritual while having the third meal and Kiddush is to be recited then.

Jews and the ritual of Shabbat among them

Nobody works on the occasion of Shabbat as it is a special day in a week. On the seventh day of the week even the Lord has rested after completing all his creations throughout the week. For this reason no labor work is done on Shabbat i.e. on the seventh day of the week. Hence, the ritual of Shabbat is mainly dedicated to the Lord of creation. As Shabbat is a special occasion, the ritual of Kiddush is also performed in a special silver Kiddush cups. In these silver Kiddush cups wine is taken and one of the members recites the Kiddush to sanctify the wine. This cup is passed over to all the members involved in the meal and they all have it on their own cups.

Silver Kiddush Cups that were used during Shabbat

It makes the table looks more beautiful and splendid when decorated by silver Kiddush cups. All the Kiddush cups are well decorated which adds charm to the table where it is being placed. Many such varieties of designer Kiddush cups are available. Some are traditional while some are modern. To complete the ritual of Shabbat in a perfect manner, silver Kiddush cups are an perfect choice. The silver Kiddush cups carries a special honor during Shabbat.

Buying of Kiddush cups online

There are online stores where you will find variety of silver Kiddush cups with amazing and mind blowing designs. You can also opt for silver platted Kiddush cups if you have a little budget. They are no less beautiful than original silver Kiddush cups and can equally add charm to the meal table as compared to silver Kiddush cups.

In a single line it will be definitely worthy to say that these silver Kiddush cups will make your Shabbat a splendid one which is worth remembering.