92% of social media marketers invest in Facebook ads. This is an impressive number! Since so many other marketers receive success from Facebook ads, it’s likely your roofing company will also profit from Facebook ads.

Homeowners always need a reliable roofer, but the market is competitive. You’ll also want to attract a local market, and there’s no better way to reach your local audience than with Facebook.

But you want to ensure your Facebook advertising efforts are successful. You do this by building a powerful strategy. Here’s your guide to Facebook roofing ads.

Research Your Audience

Facebook is smarter than you think. They have complex algorithms that can gather customer information. You just need to use this to your advantage.

Research your target audience and tailor your advertising strategy to your market. Use analytics such as age and gender to create ad copy and visuals that will entice that audience.

Speaking of creating ads…

Know the Type of Ad Content to Create

One of the benefits of social media is the diversity of content you can post. You should leverage this with Facebook ads. Here are some good examples of ad content.


Visual ads are by far the most recognizable. This encompasses a specially designed ad that aims to compel a specific action. For the roofing industry, good examples include a picture of a leaky roof or before and after roofing pictures.


Facebook ads don’t need to require visuals. These can just include written copy, appearing on news feeds and looking like a traditional Facebook status update. This simple ad type looks casual as opposed to sales-y like a typical ad.

What do you use written ads for? These should be saved for valuable information. For example, write a status such as, “hurricane season is coming up. A roof inspection will help prevent roofing problems from a major storm.”

This status provides valuable information that the customer may not have thought of. In addition, they will be more curious about possible roofing structural damage from a hurricane.


Video marketing is king. A short Facebook commercial can appear as a video on the user’s timeline or as an ad when they’re watching another Facebook video.

The difficulty of video marketing is implementing enticing visuals with valuable information in a short video. 47% of Facebook’s video value should happen in the first three seconds. But it’s still integral you add video ads into your strategy.

Provide a Landing Page

Should your user’s only actions include Facebook-specific actions? Using Facebook ads is a great way to invite customers to your website. This is why you should use a landing page toward your ads.

What are some examples? Entice customers to view a special on your roofing contractor homepage. Invite customers to sign up for a free consultation and link your contact page.

This not only helps build your Facebook advertising campaign, but you’ll also receive more website traffic.

Use Facebook Roofing Ads to Gain More Customers

Every roofer should have a Facebook advertising campaign. Using roofing ads on Facebook will help increase your brand exposure and will better help you connect with your audience.

Do you have more questions about marketing your roofing business? We offer lots of marketing insight on our blog. Continue looking around!