Equipment and furniture made of stainless steel are durable, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and maintain, resistant to corrosion, and can withstand different aggressive and harsh conditions. A wide range of features and possible methods of the application allows using a stainless steel table in lots of industries and businesses: hotels, laboratories, supermarkets, medicine, and, of course, food service. Today, no food establishment can do without tables made of durable steel material. Caring for it is an easy task, as applying a range of chemicals and special disinfecting solutions to comply with hygiene norms, such tables will not deteriorate. Moreover, it will keep the integrity of the surface withstanding cold, heat, the impact of food and liquids, often temperature fluctuations.

After all, stainless steel tables are resistant to any mechanical stress. It is difficult to resist buying a big or small stable with additional undershelf or castors for both businessmen who want to facilitate the food prep activities and people who want to make life easier by optimizing kitchen space. The cost of tables made of stainless steel depends on several factors:

  • dimensions of prep kitchen catering tables;
  • surface styles and finishes;
  • additional upgrades and modifications such as an undershelf for extra storage, build-in sink, casters.

How stainless steel table can be useful for food establishment?

The restaurant industry is a business in which responsibility, compliance with food and work safety requirements, and the speed of preparation of high-quality and tasty dishes eliminating risks of illness caused by harmful bacteria are critical. One of the most important working principles is to maintain a safe environment in the place for storing food and products and, of course, to keep all tools, countertops, and tables clean in the kitchen. Only such material as stainless steel can ensure proper hygiene. The following arguments will prove why you should invest in a steel table for your commercial kitchen.

  • No interaction with food. Many materials can contact food affecting its quality and even taste. However, the stainless steel option, due to the integrity of the top surface, is easy to sterilize and, having an extra layer of hygienic protection, won’t react with products. Thus, your meals are out of harm’s way and taste better.
  • No place for bacteria colonies. Pores, cracks, and gaps are not an issue for stainless steel equipment, so it will not absorb liquids, food, and hazardous particles of dust and other debris. Appropriate cleaning tools and chemicals will prevent it from scratching. It means that there no place for bacteria to hide and grow. However, if due to incompetent cleaning, you accidentally scratched it, don’t forget to apply sanitizer daily.
  • Neutral design. If you take care of styling decisions for commercial spaces or personal kitchen at home, stainless steel allows diversifying the interior, as the universal metal color and beautiful finishes will fit into any design. For example, if you find polished finishes too shiny, you can purchase other options such as brushed or matte finishes.

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