Drug addiction is a serious condition. According to a famous study by the National Institute of Health, as much as 10% of the adult population in the United States of America is under the condition of addiction or some addiction-related ailments at some point in their lives. This means 1 in 10 persons is affected by addiction. This means more than 3 persons are either directly or indirectly affected by the problem of addiction. This includes close friends, family, and colleagues. There are many rumors and false beliefs associated with drug addiction. In this article, let us debunk some of the most commonly misunderstood practices. The best way to come out of an addiction is to seek medical help from a drug detox center and not carry out whatever you read on the internet.

Home-made Detox Practices Are Dangerous 

First and foremost, homemade detox practices are dangerous and can even lead to death. So, stay away from the practice of doing a detox at home. Even if you are in the early stages of addiction, you need to get the proper assistance of an experienced medico. Otherwise, it could lead to unwanted side effects. Drug addiction detox might sound simple but your body goes through a lot of changes during this phase of recovery from addiction. Always reach out to the center near you before attempting a detox at home.

Detox Can’t Be Achieved in a Week

Another common misconception is that you can completely detox your body within a week. One week is too short a time and if you try to stop taking the drugs altogether then it could lead to an adverse impact on your health. You could have a withdrawal symptom and the reactions of the body could be mild or chronic depending on the level of your addiction. So, don’t lock yourself inside your home, and stop consuming all the drugs and alcohol that you used to take.

A Good Detox Process Could Last Even Longer than 90 Days

Understand that recovery from addiction is a slow process that takes a longer period. It could even take more than 90 days depending on your personal condition. The longer you give for your body to acclimatize to the condition of being without the drug, you have a better chance of a complete and lasting recovery from addiction. The safest way is for you to reach out to the best drug detox center in your area. They will analyze your condition and prescribe the best way forward to you.

Join a Good Detox Center for Addiction Recovery 

Stop believing in half-truths and public rumors. Take time to find out the best option for you and then follow the directions of the detox center religiously. This will ensure that you get all the urgent care that you need during this volatile and slightly dangerous process of detox. Come out of the addiction slowly but surely. Don’t give into the temptation of becoming fit and independent within a short period of time. Stay positive and live happily.