It’s not easy to identify whether you have pests in your home or not because there are some pests that are too tiny to be identified. Still, there are some signs through which you can know that pests are living at your place. Some of the pests freely move over here and there while some of them live in a hidden place and such pests are not easily recognized. If you are sure that pests are present at your place then immediately call out for help to pest control in Boise, ID because they have professionals who could assist you in getting rid of these pests.

By looking for the following signs, you can come to a decision that pests are actually living at your home.

ü  Finding Droppings

Pests do not take care of hygiene and that’s the reason they are called pests. They leave behind brown pallets or a small speck which is actually the pest poo. These deposits can be usually found near the nest of pests but sometimes they can be found somewhere else too as pests move around in search of food.

ü  Bad Smells

An unpleasant smell is an indication of a pest presence at your place. Rats and mice leave a strong smell and it gets very easy to identify their existence through their smell.

ü  Blood Spots

Bed bugs love to live in a hidden place such as, under the mattresses or couches. If you see any red spot on a mattress then it would be most likely a sign for having bed bugs. Moreover, female bed bugs lay hundreds of eggs, so an eggshell can also be a sign of their presence.

ü  Weird Noises

If you hear noises of scratching or chewing something then this would most probably be the noise of mice or rats because they eat almost everything including wires, cardboard, woodwork or even your clothes too. You will hear such noises at night time but if you sleep early then you will not get a chance to catch these signs.

ü  Grease Marks

In search of food, pests go out of their nests and they follow a route by leaving grease mark on it. People can easily identify through those marks that pests are living in the house. They leave the marks from nests to the food source and then back from the food source to their nests.

ü  Fabric Damage

We always thought that moths are the only pests who damage fabric but there are a lot more pests who do this like, ants, bugs, rodents, etc. Some of them just chew it while others feed themselves through this. Moreover, the fabrics do not only contain those bite marks but also have dirt, grease, and droppings on the fabric through which one can decide that there are pests living in.

No doubt it is not easy to identify the pest’s existence as they live in hidden places that are not easily accessible by people but still through some of the signs we can have an idea of their existence. Once we are sure about them, we should make a plan of how we could get rid of pests as through pests we can catch different infections and we can get sick because of them.