Did you know that the percentage of U.S. adults aged 18 and older who drink alcohol averaged 63% over the past two years?

This could mean you’ve got a lot of friends who love to relax and grab a drink.

So, you may be thinking about getting your beer-enthusiast friend or family member something to drink. Perhaps you want them to try your favorite beverage or you just want to pay tribute to their love of beer.

With that, we’ve got a few ideas for you. Keep reading to learn about some gifts for the beer lover in your life.                      

Beer Subscription Services

A subscription can help them explore a variety of new beer styles, from pale ales to stouts, while also helping to support their favorite local breweries. Subscription services offer a range of options.

They come with different frequency options like monthly or quarterly beer deliveries and discounts for larger orders. Many beer subscription services include exclusive perks for members, like member-only beer releases and exclusive taproom events.

Beer Gift Baskets

These are the perfect thoughtful gift for the beer lover in your life. These themed baskets come filled with delicious premium local brews and the perfect food pairings to complement them.

The baskets come with snacks like pretzels, sausages, cheeses, and mustards to pair with the beer and can also be customized with unique beer steins, coasters, and other items to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift. If you are looking for the best gift for a beer lover, check out these beer gift baskets found here.

Custom Beer Glassware

This type of glassware is excellent because it is personalized and can be designed to fit your recipient’s style. A frosted glass mug for an IPA fan, a tall cone-shaped pint glass for a stout drinker, and even custom beer flight samplers can help make great memories of drinking a few pints together.

With glassware designed to bring out craft beer flavors, your beer-loving gift recipient can be sure to enjoy their drink like never before. Whatever style you choose, handcrafted custom beer glassware is sure to be something they love and a fantastic token of how much you appreciate them.

Beer Foaming Stones

They are made of soapstone and perfect for any home bar. When the stones are immersed into a cold beer, they create an extra foamy beer. This ensures that each beer is flavorful and rich with a pleasant aroma.

These foaming stones can also keep beer cold and carbonated for an extended period. Not only is this a great gift for beer lovers, but it is also a unique and valuable addition to anyone’s home bar.

Outdoor Beer Table

An outdoor beer table is a stylish and straightforward way to enjoy a beer in any outdoor space. It folds flat when not in use and can easily be transported. This unique gift will lift your special someone’s spirit when they see it.

They will quickly recognize that you put thought and effort into picking a gift tailored to their tastes. It’s perfect for outdoor gatherings with friends and relaxing barbecue dinners and can even be toted along for a picnic.

Freezable Beer Glasses

These innovative alcohol gifts have unique walls to freeze quickly and keep beer cold for hours. Your beer-loving friend can avoid having to order a cold one again and again with this fantastic gift.

These glasses are perfect for lounging in the backyard with a cold drink or relaxing after a long day at work. They bring cheer and refreshments to any moment. With their sturdy and stylish designs, these glasses are a great addition to any home bar.

Collapsible Backpack Cooler

The perfect thoughtful gift for the beer lover in your life is a collapsible backpack cooler. Not only does it make keeping their cold drinks nice and chilled easy, but it also helps keep their hands free for other activities.

The backpack cooler is also insulated to keep their drinks cool and fresh. The adjustable straps make it easy to transport the contents without carrying too many items. The large capacity can even fit a wide selection of beer bottles or cans.

Beers Bucket List Scratch Poster

It’s a fun and interactive way to support their hobby and track the beers they’ve tasted that they may never want to forget. This poster is made with high-quality water- and scratch-resistant paper.

It includes 100 popular craft beers from North America and Europe, countries and beer styles, and details about each beer, including its ABV, IBU, and origin.

As they scratch off the beers they’ve tasted, the countries and beer styles are revealed, and they can check off those they’ve tried. It’s perfect for the beer connoisseur looking to add to their collection or the beginner who has yet to decide on their favorite beer style.

Can Insulator

This affordable and unique gift is perfect for craft beer enthusiasts who want to keep their favorite beverages cold. Made from insulated plastic, it can hold any standard-size beer can and keeps it insulated to ensure it’s hard when it’s time to drink.

Insulators have a colorful design and an easy-carry strap. It’s reusable, so the recipient can get more out of it, making it an excellent value for any beer lover. Incorporate a six-pack of the recipient’s favorite craft beer and the can insulator, and you’ll be sure to make their night.

Beeropoly Games

This game contains all the greatest beer-drinking games and challenges, playfully designed to enjoy together with friends. Beeropoly Games offers exciting social games to ignite friendly competition and stimulate conversation amongst your beer-loving friends.

With over 350 beer spots to explore and choose from, the gift of Beeropoly Games will treat the beer-lover in your life to an afternoon of beer-drinking fun, team building, and camaraderie.

Making Memories For a Beer Lover

The perfect thoughtful gift for the beer lover in your life exists, and you can find it today! From personalized brews to subscription services to accessories that show off their love of beer, you’ll find something special to show appreciation and elevate their beloved beverage. Go ahead and purchase something special for the beer lover in your life – you won’t regret it.

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