Customized sticker labels and stickers are still ubiquitous in everyday life. Each product must have it in order to stand out from other competing products and create its own brand. The label and the stickers are indeed marketing products. Personalized adhesive labels can be very useful for shipping packaging: they can be placed on a post office box, an envelope, a shipping box, etc. But they can also be used to indicate the contents of an archive box or a mailbox, e.g., a storage bin. They can be used to convey your brand through its personalization. Custom labels can be applied to any medium. They can take different shapes: round, rectangular, square. They will be fully customizable, with a wide choice of background colors, text colors, fonts, and illustrations. To promote your company and its products, you can use all kinds of visual aids including sticker labels.

Below are the benefits of using sticker labels for your brand.

1. Adhesive Label for All Uses:

The first advantage of an adhesive label is that it is a visual medium suitable for all purposes. No matter where you are running your business, you can use a sticker label as a mailing label or shipping label. But in most cases, an adhesive label is used to label a product. Displaying your company logo and colors, this type of medium ensures effective promotion. No matter how many labels you need, The Printing House can supply labels in bulk. In addition, the production of labels does not take long. Some service providers even offer so-called “express” productions, i.e., delivery within 48 hours after the request.

2. Customization without Restrictions:

Another advantage of using an adhesive label is the customization at will. The service provider company complies with your requirements, allowing you to create original and unique visual aids. Everything is customizable, starting with the shape, which can be round, rectangular, square, triangular, or others. You can also request precise dimensions adapted to the size of your products. Otherwise, there is also the rendering of the colors, which must not betray the graphic charter of the company. The finishing of the labels is also an aspect that you can customize. This applies to things like embossing, laminating, and the warning triangle. To ensure that the adhesive label developed is suitable for you, a template is provided to you (by email). If the result does not suit you, it is always possible to modify the different aspects (dimensions, shapes, colors, etc.).

3. Multiple Choice of Quality Materials:

The choice of material used for the sticker label is crucial. It ensures durability and resistance. Also, check what the different material options offered by the provider company are. A sticker label can be made from different materials, including standard white paper. There are also matte papers that may offer permanent adhesive glue or removable adhesive glue. There are also specific types of paper, such as fluorescent papers, available in different colors (red, green, yellow, etc.). But don’t limit yourself to papers. A sticker label can be made of different materials like PVC, PP film, or PE film. There is also metallic, silver, or gold paper. A UV protection option should be considered for a better lifespan. It can be a glossy or matte varnish.

In short, the sticker label is an excellent choice as visual support for products. It easily flexes to all business uses. According to your requests, the customization offered allows you to configure various aspects (shape and dimensions) of the label. Therefore, the sticker label can be made of different materials that adapt to needs and desires.