Does the woman you love like a challenge? If you’re looking for a gift for her, you might want to check these out:

5 things to get the fit woman you love:-

1. Convertible duffel

If she goes from work to working out without coming home to change, she will love a convertible duffel bag. A convertible duffel bag can hold her work things and her sports gear, plus a change of clothes, without spoiling her outfit or straining her back with too much to carry. You will make her daily life that much easier. She will also appreciate the chance to have everything she needs right where she wants it, when she wants it. 

2. Active-wear jacket

For some women, activewear is their leisurewear of choice, so help her maintain her style with an activewear jacket! Show her you love her as she is by boosting her preferred wardrobe. 

 It should be both breathable and warm, and easy to add to any of her regular outfits. If you’re not sure what color to make it, go with something neutral (black, white, light brown). Those classic colors go with anything. 

3. Sports bras

She can never have too many. If she’s working out multiple times a week, it’s healthier for her to change her sports bra with every activity. It’s not just about the sweat, but also about the wear and tear on her current sports bras. And of course, being a woman, she can never have too many bra designs in her wardrobe. Sports bras are always in style for an active woman. It’s a good idea to find out first if she has a preferred brand or place to shop; at a pinch, you can always offer her a gift certificate or make it easy for her to exchange the product. 

4. Hiking equipment

If she likes to hike, make sure she has the equipment she needs to safely enjoy the hiking trails and camping sites. If you’re not sure what gear she’s still missing, upgrade her current gear. Important pieces are her cooking set, hiking boots, flashlight, raincoat, and tent. If there’s anything you can upgrade or anything you noticed she’s already been using for a while, you can use that as a jump-off point. You’ll never go wrong with an upgrade, especially since her health and safety depend on that gear on a hike. 

5. Running headphones

Well, we say running, but we do mean any physical activity that might potentially dislodge her earphones from her ears. Some options are Bluetooth in-ears (like what musicians use), earphones attached to a neckpiece, or earphones especially made for athletes. Her workouts will become smoother and so much more fun with a brand new set of headphones. Even if she already has a current pair, another model or design will be a perfect back-up. Headphones are always at risk during physical activities, and she will appreciate the additional option. 

Getting the woman you love a gift is always challenging, one way or another. However, these five options are definitely something a physically active woman would cherish.