Mining is an important industry because they extract important minerals from below the ground. This is an important way of obtaining important resources for construction, infrastructure projects, and more. It produces an important export for many countries, whose economies are tied to mined materials.

Underground mining technology is designed to facilitate different aspects of mining. Technology has transformed the different industries in the world, and underground mining is no different. Take a look at the top seven benefits of underground mining technology.

1. It Helps Increase Productivity

One benefit of using technology for underground mining is that it boosts productivity. It allows you to access data in close to real-time, which allows the operator to know exactly how people and equipment are being used and how they perform.

Having access to insights that are data-driven gives you meaningful information so that you can make necessary changes to increase productivity. Technology allows you to collect and store the data in one location where it can be analyzed, reviewed, and put to use to improve your company.

2. It Helps You Improve Safety

When you think about underground mining, you can’t help but consider the dangers that are a part of this industry. People on the surface can’t see what is happening underground, and they can’t always receive communication when they need to. If something goes wrong, it is critical to get information about it as soon as possible.

Underground mining technology from providers like Newtrax helps by providing solutions so that you can monitor safety situations quickly. It allows you to have information on what is going on, and you can monitor for emergency evacuations or protect workers who are isolated. It reduces the risks of injuries, fatalities, and capital losses because it improves safety.

3. It Works with the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industries across the board, and underground mining is among them. It allows anyone who has a connected device to use third-party software and connect to their database. This offers mining operations an opportunity to revolutionize their industry. They can build data through APIs that are standardized for the industry and choose any application to improve how they operate.

4. It Uses Drones to Monitor

This technology can use drones to monitor spaces underground, whether they are cavities or open slopes. It can be done within a few minutes rather than having to wait for hours. There is no pilot because this technology is autonomous. The drone flies by itself, and it returns with results that are obtained more quickly, safely, and efficiently. The level 4 autonomy of the drone means that it doesn’t even require tethering; you give it a mission and it sets out, collects the data, and returns.

5. It Can Survey Underground

Another type of technology is underground survey software that will return data to operators in real-time. This software sends back updates in real-time so that the operators can see what is happening down below.

This is critical to making sure that you know what is going on and who is in each location. It reduces potential hazards a great deal and collects data without putting anyone in a dangerous situation. This is revolutionary in the underground mining industry.

6. The Drones Run on Battery Power

The drones that go underground to assess the layout run on battery power. This makes them environmentally friendly, as they don’t use gas or other fossil fuels. This is also safe because nobody needs to go with the drones. You have the freedom to send the drone in as far as you need to because it won’t burn gas or emit fumes while it is down there. This is healthier for anyone who is working underground.

7. They Are Working on More Advanced Technology for the Future

Although there are some great solutions available today, they are continuing to work on more advanced solutions for the future. They will take what is happening today and improve it. One project is building robots that can head down into the mines and do more than collect data. They will be able to help improve safety even further, and they can help people do their jobs more effectively.

Final Words

The last few years have seen rapid advances in technology in industries across the board. This has helped to improve the efficiency of businesses, and it has revolutionized many. In underground mining, it has made it possible to improve the safety of working underground. It allows operators to gather more data, and it makes it possible to explore the caverns and landscape before workers have to go down.

Using this technology allows underground mining to be more efficient, safer, and solve problems. In the future, it will be able to do more and it is constantly improving the industry.