When selected carefully, stainless steel work tables for kitchen will definitely become a great helper in your food establishment. A durable metal construction, despite the configurations and size, will withstand heavy use in extreme commercial kitchen environments. Excessive moisture, high temperatures, food debris, accidental spills won’t impact the surface of stainless-steel worktops. In the AmGoodSupply catalog, you can find the high-quality foodservice equipment of different types and with extra additions, so there you can select the ideal table for optimizing all prep processes, complying with food safety standards, and gaining excellent longevity. But a variety of configurations, edge types, extra shelving options can be confusing, so you must be aware of all available models. Let’s consider the most demanded metal prep tables that will fit your desires.

Top-3 stainless steel work table accessories that boost efficiency in the busy kitchen

1. Mobile stainless steel work tables

You can consider both stationary and mobile models. The first table alternative is more steady. But when it comes to lifting it for thorough floor washing and, generally the entire room, probably, it can become a serious challenge. To get rid of the necessity to pick up a heavy unmovable workstation, check a more mobile solution – stainless steel work tables with four wheels. Benefits of models with casters:

  • facilitate the cleaning procedure;
  • add mobility to your kitchen;
  • eliminate the risk of floor scratching or damaging.

One of the biggest advantages of construction with wheels is a wide range of applications. Thus, you can remove casters, transforming any table into a solid working top. And you can install those flexible elements back, and even use the table for transporting meals.

2. Stainless steel commercial work table with under-shelf

If there is a need to overcome the lack of space issue in your commercial space, then the open base model won’t be functional enough. Empty space under a table is possible to use for positioning a waste bin. However, if a storage area is limited, the wise decision is to pick the table with the shelf below the countertop for quick and easy reach. Thus, you will add an extra location for placing pots and pans, utensils, dishes, ingredients. Drawers also can solve the issue of space shortage and be ideal for holding frequently-used items and cooking tools there. Be sure to evaluate your needs, before buying.

3. Commercial work table with backsplash

Of course, such types of accessories as backsplashes won’t be so useful in case you have a work island in the middle of the room. But what if prep tables are located near the wall? Then, all signs of active meal cooking will be visible on it. Splashes, grease spots, and other impurities will negatively affect the overall cleanliness, and the staff will have to spend even more time and effort to eliminate that contamination from the wall since it can cause fungus development, germs spreading, mildew and mold growth. To avoid such unpleasant outcomes, invest in stainless steel kitchen work tables with backsplash.

When making the final choice, make sure you are purchasing food-grade stainless steel of appropriate thickness to satisfy your requirements.