Glyphosate is an active ingredient found in Roundup weed killer. According to a study by IARC, a division of WHO, there was strong evidence that glyphosate was genotoxic, meaning it could potentially modify genes and also cause cancer. 

If you have been diagnosed with cancer post-exposure to Roundup, call a lawyer today to understand your eligibility and file a roundup lawsuit to seek fair compensation. 

What is the Roundup Lawsuit?

Roundup is a commonly used herbicide in agriculture and landscaping for killing weeds. The concerning factor in this herbicide is glyphosate, which has been classified as ‘probably carcinogenic to humans by the same study as mentioned above. 

As Bayer AG maintains the product is safe to use, there are over 150,000 lawsuits filed alleging exposure to Roundup causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. In 2020, Bayer AG settled thousands of cases, with a global settlement of $10 billion, with $1.25 billion set aside for any future claims. 

If you think Roundup exposure could be the cause of your cancer, it is not too late to file a lawsuit and seek compensation for your distress. 

How Can Roundup Cancer Lawyers Help You?

Seeking counsel from expert lawyers can go a long way in understanding the eligibility of your claim and the legal options at your disposal. Here are some ways lawyers can help with your Roundup lawsuit.

Free Consultation Session

Most law firms provide a no-obligation free consultation session. You may be entitled to seek compensation if you have been exposed to glyphosate in Roundup and subsequently developed cancer. 

You can call the law form offering a free consultation session and discuss your case in your detail. Lawyers use this session to gather relevant information, determine the eligibility of your claim and advise on legal options you can pursue. 

No Fees Until Settlement

Several law firms offer flexible and hassle-free payment methods. If you decide on hiring the firm, you do not have to pay any attorney fees while the lawsuit is ongoing. Once the firm wins the case, you receive your compensation; you can settle the fee amount.  

Fighting cases such as the Roundup lawsuit requires considerable skill and experience. Therefore, you should look into lawyers who have worked on similar cases and successfully secured their clients’ compensation. 

Once you hire the law firm, they will further investigate your claim and strengthen your case. In addition, you will receive legal representation in all matters related to the lawsuit.  

Do You Qualify for a Roundup Lawsuit?

To qualify for the lawsuit, you must have used Roundup commercial or residential for a prolonged period of a minimum of two years. You were exposed to Roundup after 1990. Post which, you received a diagnosis of causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Contact an attorney today to get your claim investigated if you have been exposed to Roundup, developed cancer, or lost a loved one after exposure. You can take a no-obligation free consultation session to do so. The law firm can then investigate your claim further, file a Roundup lawsuit on your behalf and offer you the best legal representation in all matters related to the case.