Rain and storms can wreak havoc on your property and home. One component that can be particularly affected is your stormwater drains.

Stormwater drains are not meant to handle excessive water for prolonged periods, and changing weather patterns have made clogged drains common in many households. 

In some cases, having extremely blocked stormwater drains can hinder your ability to leave home without stepping into a puddle of water. Water can become the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, which can be a significant risk for your health. 

Blocked stormwater drains are risky any time of the year, especially during excess water logging in your area. To prevent issues from occurring in the first place, you could consider hiring Professionals.  Here’s what experts like K-Oz Plumbing say about stormwater drains. 

Common Reasons Behind Blockages in Stormwater Drains

Blockages in stormwater drains can occur due to a myriad of reasons, but some of the common ones are:

  • Excessive foliage (leaves, sticks, flowers) flowing through the drains
  • Silt and dirt
  • Other items obstructing water flow like napkins, garden equipment, and other foreign objects

Issues Caused by the Blockage

Failure to regularly maintain and fix stormwater drains can cause many problems for you and your neighbors, like flooding, property damage, and pollution.

Water pooling in particular uneven areas can also lead to bacteria and germ build-up, which can cause infectious diseases in your area. Broken pipes and incorrect installations that you do can cause significant damage to your home structure too. 

While your blocked stormwater drains may not be a problem for you, they might be inconvenient for your neighbors. To prevent any potential damage for your neighbors, you should regularly maintain your stormwater drains. 

Minimising Damage

You can take preventive measures to ensure that minimal damage is done to your stormwater drains. Remove any material like grass, leaves, and sticks floating around your drain. You can install gutter guards to filter what goes through the drains.

If there is a bit of blockage, you can also use a drain rod along with gloves to take care of the problem yourself. It will let you remove debris and make sure that there is uninterrupted water flow in your drains. 

Once the damage is done to your stormwater drains, it will be hard to reverse them, so you should repeat these measures regularly to maintain your stormwater drains.

Hiring Experts to Solve Your Blocked Stormwater Drains

If you believe that your stormwater drains are beginning to show signs of being clogged and do not want to hassle yourself with maintenance, call expert plumbers like K-Oz Plumbing to take care of your drains. 

When your stormwater drains are completely blocked, your only recourse is to speak with a trusted plumber who can efficiently deal with the issue. It is best to have the drains cleared as soon as possible to prevent any future problems for you and your neighborhood. 

Sometimes, blocked stormwater drains can be signs of a bigger problem, such as incorrect pipe installation or a broken pipe. In these cases, to avoid significant property damage, you should book an appointment with a plumber to come to look at your drains.