Who doesn’t love to spend the summer weekends in their backyard pool? The pool parties, with some grilled cheese, can easily make your day brighter. So if you are thinking of building your swimming pool, you need a good understanding of the materials you are installing. There is an endless collection of pool tiles for you to choose from. How do you know which one suits you the best? Well, every type of pool tiles has its own properties, and it’s highly dependent upon your preference and the aesthetic of your backyard. In this article, we’ll help you choose the optimum tiles for your swimming pool.

Things to be Considered

There are a few things you need to be aware of before choosing the tiles for your pool. Some of the important factors are:

Tile Size

Bigger-sized tiles are often not as visually appealing for a pool. You need to carefully consider the sizing ratio and determine the optimum one for your pool. Moreover, bigger tiles are more likely to get cracked due to thermal shock or lack of stability in the center. So traditionally, smaller-sized tiles are chosen for swimming pools.

Ask about Guarantee

Pool tiles are almost always exposed to sun and water. Therefore, a lesser quality tile may fade and get damaged easily. So before purchasing pool tiles, you need to inquire about the guarantee. The guarantee ensures the lasting and contacts the color of the tiles throughout their lifetime.

Aesthetics of Color

Choosing the color of your pool tiles is almost always your choice. But there are some underlying design factors that you need to consider. The light-colored tiles present the pool with a lighter tone that reflects light. This makes your pool look larger than its actual size. On the other hand, a darker-colored tile presents the pool with a dramatic polished look that can elevate the whole look of your backyard.

Maintenance Issues

Before installing a tile, get a clear picture of the cleaning and maintenance costs. There will be scum and other buildups in your pool, and you’ll need to clean it properly to protect it. Moreover, you need to have knowledge about the required chemicals and cleaning schedules. A sparkling clean swimming pool is always a thing to desire. 

Make a Budget

Installing pool tiles may be quite costly. So, preparing a budget beforehand is always a better practice. It can give you an about the kind of material you can install in your pool along with the patterns and designs. 

Installing Tiles

The tile installation process can vary for different pool tiles. A wrong step can create severe issues with the sitting of the tile and waterproofing it. This will easily damage the whole pool within a short period of time. 

Options for Swimming Pool Tiles

There is a choice of materials for installing in your pool. Each one has its own aesthetic to consider. Let’s Take a glance at the most prominent tile materials for the pool,

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

These tiles have been used for installation in the pool for ages. They are very easy to install and can be customized as per your choice. They have got a pretty smooth surface that ensures safety for small children. Moreover, porcelain tiles are resistant to heat, therefore making a great option to be installed on the waterline and pavements. 

Ceramic tiles are also available with textured finishes and can easily match the style surrounding the pool. The low cost with tons of options made ceramic and porcelain tiles hugely popular among peers to install in the pool.

Glass Tiles

In contrast to ceramic tiles, glass tiles can be an expensive option. However, they are non-porous and durable, among other pool tiles. The excellent colors and design options of glass tiles can easily snatch away your attention. A deeper colored glass tile can give your pool depth and make it look luxurious. These tiles can be used regardless of hot or cold environments. Although, installing glass tiles can be pretty intense. It can take up to four weeks to install, and the flawless finish highly depends upon the craftsmanship of the pool contractor. 

Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles can work wonders in giving your pool a classical look. They can easily blend with the natural landscape of the surrounding of your pool. You can use stone tiles on the deck and patio for a flawless look. However, stone tiles are quite porous, so they need extra care and cleaning to preserve the design.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can present your pool with a colorful finish and exclusive pattern that is very hard to achieve with any other tiles. It can be a blend of porcelain, stone, and glass tiles. They come in sheets that are pretty easy to install at the bottom of the pool. Although, you need to clean it thoroughly after certain times to remove algae, molds, and chemical buildup.

Brick Tiles

Brick tiles make your pool get a regal look. They are not as trendy, but they are as durable as natural stone. They can also lack in color range and require quite a thorough cleaning. 

So, these are the tile options from which you can choose your optimum options. Find what best suits your aesthetic and budget and get the pool that you always dreamt of.