Renting a storage unit is a great idea when you are trying to find more space in your household. 

However, it’s often an idea that homeowners jump on prematurely, without taking a look at some easy changes they can make to find more storage space. With a little bit of savvy, you can take your home from clutter to paradise. 

Follow the tips below in order to get more out of your household space so that your lifestyle blossoms. 

1. First Things First, Ditch the Junk!


The process of finding more space in your home isn’t even worth it until you get rid of the massive amounts of junk that you have piled up over the years.

While it’s easy to find entertainment in watching television shows that document the lives of hoarders, most of us have a little bit of hoarder in us if we’re honest about it.

Chances are great that your garage, closet, or even drawers are filled with items that you haven’t used in years and never plan to use. Yet, you can’t quite let go of them.

These items are not only taking up emotional equity in your life but are also making your home more cluttered than it has to be. If you are setting out to find more storage space in your home, half the battle is getting rid of the junk first.

Make a promise to yourself that you will get rid of things that you know that you no longer need. Schedule a day, a weekend, or even a week to tackle this project and clear your schedule to make it happen.

Go room by room, taking out everything from its hiding places and storing it in piles that you will keep, give away, or throw away.

Not only will this instantly free up an amazing amount of space in your home, you will also find it emotionally and mentally liberating. Starting with getting rid of junk can also lead to other positive life changes.

You can also hire some pros to help you with this work. Professional junk removal will range between $100 and $650, so start getting estimates if this option intrigues you. 

2. Go Vertical to Find More Storage Space

When you truly think of every room in your home as a cube, you will start to realize the massive amount of space that you are not taking advantage of.

Stacking items vertically gives you so much more storage than you probably ever thought possible. You can purchase storage towers and other items to make this possible.

The beauty of storing things vertically is that it also gives you a lot more floor space and breathing room in each room of your household. This helps you to de-stress and find more potential in the way that you decorate and store your belongings.

3. Make Use of Your Garage, Attic and Storage Shed

There’s also a huge amount of storage potential in your garage, attic, and storage shed.

The reason for this is that these three rooms quickly become junk places for most homeowners. There’s a huge difference between junk and true storage, so you will likely be able to find an abundance of space when you clean out these areas.

Once you realize that your attic is a goldmine for space, you can begin exploring more ideas for using this square footage to your advantage.  

Figure out your purpose for each room. 

For example, your garage could be where you do projects, while your attic might be where you store Christmas decorations and keep your clothing. The storage shed could be somewhere you store antiques or other items that you don’t need to see every day. 

When each room has a purpose, it is easier to treat it accordingly.

4. Get More Organized to Maximize Your Space

Simply put, organization is the major key to finding more space in your home. However, having systems in the organization is a lifestyle and a process, not just a one-time fix. 

Once you decide where things go and create storage spaces for them, you need to keep using this process. You also need to carve out times to audit all of these places and do deep cleanings. 

It is when you put it off that the work becomes seemingly insurmountable, and this makes it easy to avoid altogether. Become clear on your intentions and follow through with every organizing change that you make. 

5. Use Chests Ottomans and Storage Beds

Sometimes the best way to find more garage storage is underneath your nose.

Think about how many odds and ends you can find a place for when you buy a coffee table with storage underneath, or an ottoman to go with your couch. There are even beds you can purchase that come equipped with drawers, slots, and storage chests. 

Always think about these possibilities when buying new furniture and you’ll find it much easier to maximize space. Of course, make sure that each storage area has its own purpose, otherwise, you will only keep stuffing it with junk until that also becomes a problem. 

Incorporate These Ideas to Maximize Your Home Storage

These tips are a goldmine when you are trying to find more storage space in your home. 

A home that is clutter-free not only makes your home more functional, it also gives you incredible peace of mind. Get aggressive at finding space in your household and the benefits will just keep stacking up. 

For more tips on organizing your home and improving your lifestyle, keep checking back to our blog!