Zips Car Wash has become the largest private car wash company and one of the fastest-growing car wash chains nationwide. Zips currently operates express car washes in over 250 locations across 24 states in the USA. Along with the expansion of sites, Zips has acquired various legendary express car wash brands, including Rocket Express and Jet Brite Car Wash. In 2022, this car wash company displayed a record expansion by acquiring 61 stores. Zips has been impressing its customers by providing extraordinary and satisfying services for over 18 years. Over the years, this company has invested a lot in technology, employee hiring, training methods, and local partnership to offer the most desirable customer experience.

About Zips Car Wash:

Zips Car WashFastest Growing Car Wash Chain in the USA
LocationsNearly 275 Locations across the USA
HeadquartersPlano, Texas
CEOGene Dinkens
Company Size1001 to 5000 employees
TypePrivately Held
Service PlansWash & Dry; Wheels & Wax; Works & Wow
Service Hours8 A.M. to 7 P.M.

Zips Car Wash is a privately-held revolutionary car wash operator in the USA. The headquarter of this car wash company is situated in Plano, Texas. Zips Car Wash was founded in 2004. Currently, this private car wash company has nearly 275 car wash stores nationwide under the Zips, Jet Brite Car Wash, and Rocket Express brands. With over 18 years of experience in the car wash, Zips promises to offer the highest quality express car wash services in the industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Zips Car Wash LLC is Gene Dinkens. Gene has a great reputation for his excellent knowledge of strategic implementation and change management in business strategy. His commitment to developing strong and successful teams, leading active changes, and building revenue generation is one of the main reasons behind the extraordinary success of Zips. The company size of Zips is extremely large with 1001 to 5000 employees.

The Biggest Acquisitions of Zips Car Wash:

Acquisitions in North Carolina:

In January 2022, Zips acquired two sites- one from Rocket Wash Express in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and another from Heroes Car Wash in Holly Springs, North Carolina. As a result, Zips has become one of the largest private express car wash operators in North Carolina operating over 32 locations in the state. Zips also acquired seven locations from the group of Carolina Car Wash in Greensboro, NC, in 2021.

Acquisitions in South Carolina:

In June 2022, Zips Car Wash acquired four locations of the Islands Car Wash in Hilton Head, in the South Carolina market. This deal helped Zips to become the largest car wash chain in South Carolina and operate 20 locations in South Carolina. Earlier this car wash operator had 16 widespread locations across SC from Greenville to Charleston, but now this brand serves customers in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and Okatie. Zips started to expand its business in the state earlier in 2022 by acquiring five locations of Turbo Jet Car Wash and three locations of Detrick’s Car Wash in the Myrtle Beach market. Later, Zips’ acquisition of Islands Car Wash helped the brand once again appear in the headline.

Acquisitions in Chicagoland:

In October 2022, Zips acquired the 11-store huge car wash brand, Jet Brite Car Wash. There were also three developing sites in this acquisition. This was the 25th closing transaction for Zips this year. In total, Zips acquired 61 stores in 2022. The Jet Brite Car Wash acquisition helped Zips enter Chicagoland and expand its business across the Midwest. According to the CEO of Zips Car Wash, Gene Dinkens, this acquisition will benefit both brands. This acquisition helped Zips to become a partner of Shadow Car Wash Equipment (Earlier Jet Brite Systems) and give access to the car wash equipment of this brand. Zips has also confirmed to build multiple Jet Brite stores in 2023 and beyond.

Zips Car Wash Plans:

Zips offers three unique plans for washing your car.

  1. Wash and Dry: This plan includes basic wash and power drying.
  2. Wheels and Wax: This plan includes Z-wax, triple foam, and tire shine gloss.
  3. Works and Wow: This plan includes liquid gloss, clear protection, and rain repel.

Wrap Up:

The way Zips is expanding its business to different locations across the USA is simply overwhelming. Zips has also introduced a membership club through which customers can get unlimited washes at a monthly rate. There is no doubt that Zips will attract more and more customers in the upcoming years. If you are wondering if too many car washes are bad for your car, then you should know that overwashing can not harm your car unless you do it in an unprofessional way. Normally, it is okay to wash your car every two weeks. If you want to wash your car more frequently, purchasing services from a prominent car wash company like Zips is always better.