Owning and running a business today is one of the most exciting ventures that you can undertake. There has never been a better time than today to make a success of your business. 

Some might argue that the markets are saturated and that there is a service, app, or product for everything, but ingenuity has no bounds. If you do some research and go all-out while focusing on a mix of traditional methods and content marketing, you are on your way to break through the masses. 

Make no mistake, if you want to develop your business, you have to put in the effort and you will reap the rewards. Here are seven of the best business development ideas.

Service is the name of the game

If there is one area that the markets will never be saturated in, it is in service delivery. Your customers are to be served and any reasonable request should be dealt with swiftly. If there is one area where the modern world of commerce has changed, it is in product or brand loyalty. 

People move to where they get the best service. If you uphold your standards, especially when your business grows, you’ll create a good name for yourself. Your service, coupled with your product will ensure that you garner a devout following, but they will always hold you to your initial standards

Be honest about your products and services

Empty promises are the things that will drive your client base away faster than anything else. You are the best judge of your capabilities and what your products are capable of. You are the one who can ensure a certain level of quality. 

Making empty promises and setting unrealistic goals is as good as selling a counterfeit. People will catch wind of your practices and be driven away.

In the world of business, honesty, your closest ally. A customer will appreciate the fact that you contacted them and explained why a due date was not met. What’s more, they’ll appreciate it, even more, when you come to them with a solution.

They will appreciate the fact when you turn them down when you are flooded with work. It proves to them that you are trustworthy and reliable. In the future, they will be more likely to contact you because there are no hidden agendas. They know what they will get.

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Embrace new marketing strategies

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for any company is getting their name out there. Getting a handle on digital marketing is essential if you want to spread the word to a wider audience. Even during these tough times due to COVID-19, remote work in 2020 is flourishing and keeping the businesses alive. 

You will need to invest a good amount of time on marketing online and most of it you’ll be able to do from home. During the day, your time will be spent on dealing with customers and staff and when you are at home, you’ll need to burn the midnight oil, especially in the beginning. 

You want to cast a wide net, but you also don’t want to waste time on the wrong platforms either. Your target market will dictate where you do most of your advertising and it will be your responsibility to learn how to use their social networking channels to your benefit. 

As mentioned earlier, the way you channel your content for an essay writers service is different from an FMCG company. If you get your target audience right, you win half the battle.

Put your money where your mouth is

There is nothing that speaks more to product and service reliability than a guarantee. When you started your company, you had a vision and a trust that you put in your product or service. 

You had so much faith in your product that you were confident that it could work for anyone without fail. When you provide your customers with a guarantee, they feel more at ease when buying your product. They will feel as if they have a safety net if things go wrong. 

A guarantee works both ways. For you, it is a testament to your hard work and accountability. We all know that things can go wrong and that you take full responsibility for when it does. It also serves as a sign for the customer that they can trust your product and that if something goes wrong, it is not the norm, but the exception. 

Motivate your staff

When you want to grow your company, your staff are the first people that you want to grow with you. When your company is relatively mall, it is easy to motivate them because you can spend time with each employee. However, as your company grows, it becomes slightly more difficult because you cannot get to everyone.

Finding ways to motivate your staff is going to be one of the key areas where you can give your company a boost. Every employee wants to know that they are making a difference, so you need to assure them that they are valuable to the company.  

Talk is cheap, so providing incentives or handing out a spontaneous bonus for work well done will go a long way in motivating your staff to give their best for the company. 

Know your limits

Growing your business is not a sprint and you will have to take it one step at a time. There will be times of fast growth and then there will be times where you need to lay the foundation and ensure that everything that you do is perfect. This can only be done when you know what your company is capable of not taking on work challenges that you are not geared for. 

If you jump the gun and try and do too much at one time, you are going to make a mess of things. Either you are going to miss deadlines, or you will deliver sub-par work, neither of which will be sustainable. 

When you keep within the bounds of your current structure, you’ll know when you can expand, but this only comes with experience. If there is an area where you want your business to expand into, then you need to do the behind-the-scenes work first.   

Don’t stretch yourself 

Being excited about your business is good and you want to keep that excitement going for as long as you run the business. Going at it too hard and burning the candle from both ends will only demotivate you. You’ll become tired and soon feel burned out. 

There is nothing wrong with the occasional late-night stint, but it should not be the norm. You have to make time for life as well. As soon as your business consumes your every waking hour, you are going to lose that excitement and wish for something else. Your family and friends will honor you for it and support you when you need it most. 

Rest and time away from the office is not only good for you but also good for your employees. They will also be sharper at work and be able to do much more in a shorter space of time if they are well-rested.   


If there is one thing that you need to hold on to while you are building your business, it is that you are in it for the long haul. When you take your time and build a solid business, it will stand the test of time. 

The key is to always be willing to learn and never get stuck in your ways, no matter how good they were in the past. The world is ever-changing and your business should be ready to face those changes when they come.