Working remotely is not a euphemism anymore simply because the personal time of an employee is valued too. In fact, there are tons of people in a company who are hired on a remote basis only. Yet this era of video conferencing does not seem to affect the undying importance of business travel. Business meetings are still considered to be extremely important for an organization’s success. Why? Here are some points in support of this statement: 

Nothing has a greater impact than shaking hands to close a deal

Though complete digitalization might seem like a better option, some believe that nothing can add more value than forming a professional connection personally. Consequently, good professional connections lead to a higher net profit for any business. In fact, companies that still spend on business travel notice the increment of $12.5 for every single dollar that they spend. To keep a customer, and turn more prospects into customers, business travels are undoubtedly the best option. 

Knowing new people always imply adding valuable prospects to the list

Sitting in an office is no good if your business needs to generate more and more prospects in a short time. Traveling increases the chance of effective networking and meeting people who might turn out as a great advantage in the future. One could meet a fellow business person and observe similar interests and close a deal right then and there. Or else, one could meet somebody who can be used very carefully for the company in the near future. 

Better ideas for better business 

Even according to the research, a business can generate 28% more valuable ideas in person with the client than over the call. In fact, experts from explain that the quality of ideas generated on business travels are 12.5% better. Considering just the facts, it’s quite evident how business travels can help with thinking out of the box for one’s business. It’s mainly because of the inspiration, sense of competition, and confidence that a businessman perceives in a face-to-face meeting with the client. 

The value of small talk

When somebody is willing to make a huge investment, trust is the foremost factor that they search for. While on Skype, one can try and build that level of trust, it’s always better and easier in person to do the same. Even a casual nod or smile to a client’s idea on the conference table can do the work sometimes. Such gestures are generally undervalued on a video call. This trust earned in person can not be measured but carefully used for negotiations and better relationships. 

You lead to inspire

Personal interactions imply confidence and the leader must keep inspiring others to play the field with better confidence. 

Nothing’s quite like meeting a prospect in person and explaining the purpose with empathy, focus, and effective communication. No matter how companies may go entirely remote in the future, business meetings will definitely hold a valuable place in the business world.