The most common question every tech pro has in mind is the right technology to use for the selected database. Every small business struggles with database. Some of those are in MS Outlook, which is a part of the Constant Contact email program. Another chunk is mostly residing on LinkedIn. Now, the question is which database program is the best one to handle.  Before you get to this answer, you have to solve the stumper first. Answering some basic questions might help you find the answer.

  • Who are you planning to use the database technology for and what are you planning to accomplish?
  • What do your service needs and what do you need from the technology?

Get these questions answered first before even starting with the right technology lookout for your database.

CRM and its functionality to help you out:


You might be wondering about CRM and its power. It is primarily a contact relationship management based question. However, there is no magical database program available, which can perform each and every task for you. Before you head for the database selection, head for the services, needed to be performed.

  • Event scheduling: Providing you with more calendars or at least one to promote, schedule and remind you of the events. Some of the added benefits are private or public calendar, RSVPs and automated invitations.
  • Address book: It helps in storing and retrieving all contact details.
  • To do task: It is an email inbox, placed poorly to keep track of tasks. It has the ability to create unscheduled task, then move it to calendar by adding date as important feature.
  • Messaging: Apart from email, messaging now comprises of Text, IM, Tweets and social messaging. System that embraces multiple channels is the most suitable one. Your primary focus will be the contact preference.
  • Documental activities: Most of the contact relationships forward need you to know what is going to happen next and even what just happened. Ability to just review those prior interactions is the important preparation for any future conversations.

According to some trained experts from, your focus needs to be on patterns, segments and connections. Stronger contact relationship primarily relies on embracing complexity in lives of contact. Using various tags for segmenting database can easily increase value of every contact.

What CRM is actually NOT:


Email marketing platforms and CRM provide you the opportunity to send email messages. It is only here that the similarity ends. Want to know more about the difference?

  • Email marketing platforms are widely used for sending same personal message to various recipients. CRM messages are some personal messages to single contact.
  • On the other hand, you have email marketing, which comprises of Auto Responder functionality for generating series of personal addressed messages to single contact, when asked for.
  • Highest form of function of AR is to help create drip campaign with goal of lead nurturing and generation.
  • Email marketing is fully automated, but that’s not the case with CRM. It is hands on.

Importance of CRM and email marketing:


In some cases, organizations are widely in need of email marketing and CRM. There are some best practices available online for acquiring, defining and operating online communication based connection podium.

  • Acquire systems, customized to match your requirements: LinkedIn is a perfect fit in such cases. Website designed white paper lead nurturing functions will work really well with Auto Responders, as within Zoho CRM.
  • Defining world: You have lots of folks but with the same message right? Here, email marketing one on one over time is equivalent to CRM. Investing in defining needs helps in delivering big dividends during operate and acquire phase.
  • Efficient form of daily operations: Contact profiles are termed to be organic in nature. This ability to capture changes, connections and conversations daily and in a smooth manner is most valuable part of CRM. For details in this regard, you can cordially catch up with trained experts from com any day.

Some of the added considerations:


Before you head for the best database for smaller businesses, make sure to keep some points on added considerations. Going through the points will help you make way for the best choice.

  • Independent device by your side: For all the mobile professionals out there, cloud based device independence is the much needed one.
  • Collaborative measures to consider: This idea of real time based team interaction helps in building first responder competitive advantage, right into operation.
  • Get to play well with other names: The key to connect all digital dots is ability of your server to share information beyond the basic cut paste or re-typing values. It is known as API technically and has the power to share Nimble contacts with MailChimp. It helps you to use your CRM for establishing relationships and deliver marketing based campaigns to market segment. It is a perfect way to track your results easily.

Other database options to choose from:


If CRM is not your cup of tea, the market has some other database options for all the smaller businesses out there. Want to know more? Let’s get a glimpse of the secondary options available.

  • IBM DB2: IBM can easily make a note in the list of DB2 Universal database enterprise level. It is mainly designed for high availability and load based enterprise workloads. Several global corporations have already used it for improving performance level and lowering cost.
  • Informix: Informix is another offering straight from IBM house and used primarily by educational institutions. However, this section recently made jump to corporate platforms. It is also known as intelligent database and the solution here integrates well with JSON, SQL and spatial data. It ranks at the top when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  • SAP ASE: Primarily known as Sybase, this Adaptive Server Enterprise from SAP helps in addressing high performing transaction based app. It is widely used in the field of finance and banking, and supports concurrent users.

So, you can always try your hands on other options as the market houses some for you. Go through the features before making a choice.