The beauty industry and market have grown exponentially in the past years. The global cosmetic and personal care industry is expected to grow from $493.34 billion in 2018 to $700 billion by 2026. Due to the competitive market, many beauty brands and businesses struggle with enticing customers to choose them over the competition.

Apart from the competitive market, the evolution of customer behavior in the digital age makes the entire thing more challenging. Nevertheless, the digital world has taken the beauty industry to a more personal and connected level with their customers. It’s easier to communicate with the global market through different channels, content and platforms.

Whether you’re offering professional skin tightening services or top-notch ear piercing aftercare, it pays to go digital with your branding, service offerings and more.

Level up your marketing game by going digital with the following activities:

Build Brand Advocacy by Creating a Community

Beauty brands and cosmetic companies should leverage the desire of customers to share their experience, connect with the brand and become one with the brand they resonate with. For this reason, invest in building communities of fans and customers via social media and other digital platforms.

As a marketer, you must find your brand’s voice and stick to your business’s primary message. Encourage customers to share their experience, as well as offer their personal tips and inspirations with the groups. For your part, share special deals for exclusive members and work with beauty experts to help address common beauty concerns.

REMEMBER: Your goal is to keep customers and strengthen your relationships with them.

Trust in the Power of Content Marketing

When it comes to brand promotion, content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing toolbox. It’s all about writing and distributing relevant and valuable content to acquire, attract and engage potential customers. This mindset and strategy should be a permanent part of your marketing plan.

Consider the following content ideas:

  • Write “how-to” articles that teach customers how to create home spa treatments or skincare routines.
  • Release videos such as unboxing videos or skincare routine run-throughs. Video content is highly engaging; thus, an easier way to reach your market organically.
  • Build a newsletter subscriber list and use it to send special promotions and engaging content.

Beauty marketers often struggle with coming up with unique and engaging content ideas.

If you’re experiencing a dry spell, here are some beauty marketing ideas:

  • Upload “before and after” photos to prove the effectiveness of your products
  • Publish “Instagrammable” and visually appealing content that showcases your products and services.
  • Analyze popular hashtags in the beauty niche then plan, manage and schedule your posts.
  • Collaborate with beauty makeup artists who enjoy sharing their skincare routines and cosmetics. It’s a powerful way to attract more customers.
  • Tell your brand stories through social media storytelling platforms and YouTube. Present tips, tutorials and tricks on how to apply cosmetics, product benefits and more.
  • Get creative with your giveaways to encourage followers to spread the word about your brand.

Add Testimonials to Your Product’s Web Pages

Happy customers can win you more customers. A satisfied customer’s testimonial can influence another customer’s decision to buy your products or services. Shorten a potential customer’s research process by handing them all the information and links they need to learn more about what you offer. If someone wrote a positive review about your product, post it on the product’s web page or add a link in the product description.

Find More Customers Through Social Listening

Social listening involves monitoring your business’ digital presence by looking for and studying online chit-chats about your business, its products and services and competitors. Social listening software such as Mention or Brand24 can help you tune in to your customers.

Using this software, choose keywords that are relevant to your business. For example, look for “skincare routine,” “vegan hair care product” and “best fake eyelashes.” The software will look for all online threads and mentions where you can start engaging with your customers.

Micro-Influencers are Key to Winning More Customers

Major shifts have been happening in the influencer industry. Customers want to interact with real people who can relate to their struggles. This is where micro-influencers come in: they’re people who know how to build communities based on loyalty, trust and authenticity to win your customers’ attention.

Choosing the right influencer for your campaign is a crucial start. Analyze a potential influencer according to their influence, engagement and number of followers.

In highly competitive beauty industry, simply owning a great brand with amazing products isn’t enough. You need to tell customers your unique story in the most creative way possible. Win your customers’ hearts with the best beauty marketing strategy possible.