Every business’ success is usually dependent on how efficient they are. Efficiency is directly proportional to productivity and profits. When a business adopts cloud-based PDF solutions, it streamlines its operations to enhance creativity, collaboration, and overall process efficiency. PDFs are more versatile, portable, resource efficient and easy to use all around. For these reasons, it has been adopted the world over as a better file storage format than previously known formats such as TXT, DOC and DOCX. Using online PDF solutions helps to go a long way in revolutionizing the way professionals look at document management all around. With this in mind, SodaPDF is one such cloud-based solution focused on revolutionizing the industry.

Why should businesses adopt premium PDF solutions?

Businesses need to change with the times. This means adopting new technologies that are intended to make life simpler and more efficient. Premium PDF solutions provide customers with top of the range products that ensure seamless running of operations. These are some of the reasons why corporates should adopt such solutions.

Handle business from anywhere

Because of the evolution of the internet and speeds, we can attain on the go, and business can be handled from anywhere in the world. Using online PDF solutions, you can get a full range of features directly onto your browser. Be it on a plane, in the office or on your daily commute; online PDF solutions will help you pick it up right where you left off. You can smoothly switch from the desktop to the apps without any lag whatsoever. This way, you can manage your PDF files stored on the cloud from any of your connected devices including the laptop, desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

Integrated document management

Using a premium PDF solution, you can handle any document with ease. The whole process is fast and smooth being up to par with everything a professional would expect from a PDF solution. You can convert PDF documents to HTML, MS Office, TXT, RTF, Image and PDF/A. This means that you can modify your pages like you need to. As such, the client can split files, edit text and even merge said files. To better keep track of your documents, you can add Bates numbers on them so that indexing can be done to make searches fast and easy. You can also add watermarks onto the documents for security purposes.

Confidentiality and security

Premium PDF platforms also make sure that the documents are safe and also that e-signatures be legally binding. With the aim of enhancing confidentiality, we can use redaction and whiteout in instances where there is confidential. To protect documents, you can set a 256-bit AES encryption password guaranteeing that no one can get into your documents.


Premium platforms come with a whole host of features designed to help you become more efficient at work. This means enhancing productivity at the firm which translates to better results. You can save time by batch processing documents for jobs such as PDF conversions. This way, less time is spent on mundane tasks and more on what matter most.