The e-commerce industry has quickly become one of the largest (if not the largest) on the planet.

And for very good reason, I might add.

Each and every day there are billions upon billions of items sold online. It is becoming the preferred way to buy products from every industry. And, as the market is so large, it offers unbound potential for those willing to take the plunge and enter the e-commerce landscape.

Or at least it did.

With the Trump administration preparing to impose even more tariffs on incoming Chinese goods, your potential to make an income is at risk.

Which is exactly why Canadian fulfillment companies have entered the marketplace.

Canadian fulfillment companies can help you eliminate the tariffs associated with importing your goods into the USA.

This is a unique service that allows American businesses to redirect any shipments of Chinese products through Canada. Orders are then fulfilled for those businesses and sent off to individual consumers here in the USA.

And the best bit?

It is completely legal — and it all comes down to Section 321.

What is a Section 321

So, what in the world is Section 321?

Section 321 describes a type of good that is cleared through US Customs and Border Protection on a daily basis. Why is this important?

Any goods that are classified as Section 321 are allowed to pass over the border both tax and duty-free.

In short, by categorizing your goods as Section 321, you eliminate duties that typically come with importing goods from overseas.

However, there is a bit of a kicker here.

If an individual shipment exceeds 800 USD in value then it will not qualify for Section 321,. Moreover, it cannot consist of multiple shipments covered by a single order or contract — again — if the total value exceeds 800 USD.

This is why it is extremely difficult for American businesses to avoid important tariffs on their products. It is also why it is becoming increasingly difficult for those same businesses to turn a profit on any of their goods.

And while this might be something that large companies can cope with, it is completely destroying small businesses.

Well, it was — until now.

Saving Small Businesses

In case you couldn’t have guessed from my previous point, this service is an absolute game-changer for home-grown US businesses.

It is well known that over the last few years people have begun making a living by selling niche products online. While some of these products are made here in the USA, the vast majority are sourced from overseas — with particular emphasis on China.

And in reality, this makes a whole lot of sense.

Chinese-based products have much lower production costs, can easily be bought in bulk, and many of them simply cannot be obtained here in America.

All of which makes them a fantastic way for online business owners to conduct business.

However, when these tariffs were introduced, it all went out the window. The cost of importing simple goods like phone cases, linen, and children’s toys increased exponentially — to the point where the import cost was almost equal to the cost of the product.

Obviously passing this onto customers is out of the question, and subsequently, numerous businesses across the country went under.

But with fulfillment companies from Canada in the picture, this can become a thing of the past.

As you can use them for duty elimination, you can completely remove the risk of import tariffs destroying your business. And of course, you can pass these savings onto your customers, which further boosts your brand’s reputation.

How Does it Work?

The success of Canadian fulfillment companies really comes down to the way they conduct their business.

First and foremost, their distribution centers are in close proximity to the border. In fact, the vast majority of Canadian companies are within close proximity to the border — which means that transporting goods across the border is nothing more than a pleasant drive.

Secondly, some businesses have a same-day fulfillment process. This means that they send trucks from their distribution centers on a daily basis, which reduces the wait times of your customers significantly.

Finally, they also induct their packages with all the major US carriers (like USPS, DHL, and UPS). This ensures that your customers experience the same delivery costs, service costs, and transit times as any other American-based fulfillment company.

Talk about win-win-win.

Key Points

If you run a small business and are being impacted by any of these tariffs, then you need a Canadian fulfillment company.

These great businesses help you eliminate the import duties that are destroying local businesses across the country, creating savings that you can then pass on to your customers.

So what are you waiting for?  Increase your profits, boost your reputation, and take your business to the next level in the process.