Looking to get into an industry that lets you combine your technical knowledge, your branding expertise, and your creativity when it comes to content creation?

If so, then perhaps you’ve thought about starting an SEO business. 

However, especially in 2019, you know that the SEO agency market is already overcrowded. In order to stand out, you’ll need an excellent business plan that outlines the ways in which you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition.

You’ll also need one that demonstrates your knowledge of contemporary SEO strategies. 

If you’re ready to start an SEO business that makes it, read this post to learn what you need to do. 

Step One: Improve Your Skill Set

The first step of starting an SEO agency is taking a hard and brutally honest look at your current skill set. 

Remember that the world of SEO is constantly in flux. So, it’s not just about knowing the current trends.

It’s also about getting out in front of future ones. 

Are you familiar with the most recent changes to the Google algorithm? How will you help clients anticipate and adjust for the next one? Do you have web design skills?

Or, will you need to hire a web developer and designer to join your team?

What is your experience with creating video content, social media posts, email campaigns, mobile-friendly content?

How will you help clients optimize for voice search? 

How will you conduct keyword research? What tools will you use to collect and analyze site visitor data? How would you go about creating a local SEO strategy for the companies you work with? 

If you don’t feel confident in any of these areas, enroll in online courses to strengthen your skill set immediately. 

The hard truth is that you simply won’t be able to compete with other SEO agencies if you don’t have a mastery of – not just a familiarity with – these skills. 

Step Two: Develop Your Business Plan and Your Unique Brand

Next, you’ll need to develop a detail-oriented business plan that’s backed by both hard data and more abstract ideas. 

Identify your long and short-term goals, and keep them realistic. Talk about how long it will take before you can make a profit, the number of clients you hope to have in one year, and the amount of funding you’ll need to make that happen. 

Know as much as you can about your target market and your competitors. Talk about your marketing strategy. Explain how your educational and professional background qualifies you to start an SEO business. Discuss how many employees you’ll need to hire, and where you hope to find them. 

Perhaps the most important part of your business plan should be the development and explanation of your unique brand

Yes, this means coming up with your logo, your company colors, your slogan, and even deciding on your niche market and your areas of SEO specialization. 

But branding is also about creating a personal connection – and invoking a sense of recognition – within your target market. Don’t be afraid to be brutally honest, to show vulnerability, and to make references to your priorities and goals. 

Think about what motivated you to start your SEO agency in the first place, about causes that are important to you, and your unique values. 

Then, share that with your clients.

Step Three: Get Serious About Your Marketing Strategy

If you want to start an SEO business that consistently makes a profit, you’ll need to develop an ever-evolving marketing strategy. 

The goal here should be to position yourself as a major authority within your local market, as well as within the world of SEO as a whole. To do this, you’ll need a diverse marketing strategy that doesn’t just attract visitors and get your company’s name out there, but also clearly demonstrates what your company can do. 

Your marketing strategy should include:

  • Writing guest posts for SEO blogs/journals
  • Speaking at SEO conferences/events
  • Creating an e-newsletter
  • Writing your own blog
  • Posting daily on social media
  • Hosting live Q&A video sessions
  • Working with other local businesses 
  • Getting online reviews on third-party sites
  • Link-building strategies

Again, this is just a partial list of the tactics that you can take to increase your brand recognition, rise in search engine rankings, and get more clients. 

Step Four: Write up a Proposal for Clients

Once your marketing tactics have captured a few leads for your SEO business, you need to meet with these leads in person and convince them to work with you. 

Ask about their long and short-term goals, understand their target market, assess their current marketing and branding strategies, and get to know their competitors. 

Then, click on this link (https://seojet.net/blog/seo-proposal-template/) to get a feel for how to develop a strong SEO proposal for your future clients. 

Talk about the keywords you’ll target, the overall content strategy, (posting schedule and types of content) on and off-page optimization, and the ways in which you’ll measure and tweak the campaigns you’ll develop. 

Start an SEO Business That Thrives with These Tips

Above all, remember that the decision to start an SEO business shouldn’t be made lightly. 

You need to be able to financially and mentally weather the storms and setbacks.

You should connect with a mentor and read industry blogs that will help you to build your network and get ahead of the latest trends. 

Looking to learn more about what’s next in the world of SEO? Curious about how to hire the right people to work for you? Want to understand how to develop a branding strategy that commands attention? 

Our blog will help you to get your SEO company off on the right foot – so bookmark it today to make sure you’re always in the know.