Did you know that the United States Postal Service delivers over 470 million pieces of mail every single day? If you are looking for a delivery solution for your own business, it is imperative that you choose a reliable company. We have put together this guide to share a few tips on what to look for when you are looking for complete delivery solutions.

Keep reading for the top tips on what to look for when it comes to reliable and rapid delivery solutions. 

1. Delivery Speed

Nowadays, it is more important than ever before to get packages out to your customers as quickly as possible. It is best if the courier service you choose is able to deliver packages within 48-72 hours, thanks to Amazon’s almost instant delivery option competition. If you are trying to compete with Amazon then it is best to find a courier service that offers same day delivery. 

The faster your customers receive their orders, the happier they will be, which in turn means that they will more than likely order from you again. 

2. Tracking 

Everyone loves having the ability to track where their packages are. We recommend that you look for a delivery business that offers tracking information either online or through a mobile app. There are some services out there that go the extra mile and text every tracking update to any phone number of choice. 

3. Security

You definitely want to make sure that the courier service you choose will protect your parcel at all times. The last thing that customers want is to have their private information such as names and addresses landing in the wrong hands. 

Take the time to check the safety profile for each company you are considering to ensure your customers can trust your business and continue to purchase from you.

4. Insurance

Nobody wants to think of a lost or broken package but accidents can happen. Finding a courier that provides insurance in case of an emergency is a big deal. You will want to get in writing exactly what is covered because sometimes things that you expect to be covered such as glass, electronics, etc are not protected. 

There are some delivery services that will have money back guarantees in case your products are not delivered on time or are damaged. If this sounds like an extra coverage you would benefit from, we highly recommend shopping around and comparing your options. 

Ready to Choose a Delivery Solution?

We hope that now that you have our top tips above you can make an informed decision when you are choosing a delivery solution for your business. Please remember to not only base your final decision on the cheapest service because this might not provide your customers with the best experience. 

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