The closing down of schools and colleges due to pandemic has made way for digital education. Everything is online now, as students can’t come to the school and this situation doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. It’s the need of the hour that you integrate your educational system with an online assessment platform. It will help you in streamlining the evaluation process. 

Online tests, quizzes, assignments, and surveys help engage the students and encourage them to improve. You can provide better learning outcomes using the latest analytic tools offered by the platforms like Janison

Benefits of Online assessment

Through cloud or mobile-based assessment systems, students can be continuously evaluated and given feedback. This flexibility saves significant time and cost.  Detailed analysis of assessment will help students know where they stand. Parents and educators also benefit from these evaluations as they can steer the students in the right direction. A good assessment platform can transform the way you impart education. Select an online platform considering the following points.

5 Factors to Check in an Online Assessment Platform for Professional education

Flexibility And Ease of Use

Since students, the parents and educators will use the platform, it requires a user-friendly interface. Users should be comfortable in accessing all its functionalities. 

Cloud-based platforms are quite convenient as there is no need to install or download software for them. The online assessment should give the feel of a real test. It should offer the flexibility to choose from different types of assessments, such as MCQs, open-ended questions, oral exams/interviews, online discussions. 

Robust and Scalable System

You need to have a reliable platform that can deliver millions of assessments with accuracy. It should have a robust system that can cater to a large pool of students from different locations in real-time. The downtime must be less. Check if the platform gives students the flexibility to attempt the test offline if internet service is terrible at their place. 

Guidance and Instructions 

The teachers using the platform should have clarity on how to create and conduct the assessment. Similarly, the students should know how to take the tests and review their assessment. All this should be done through detailed FAQs and easy to follow prompts as offered by Janison. 

Detailed Analysis And Report

The platform should have advanced analytics tools to give a detailed test report to the students and administrator. The indicators of marking and rating the student’s performance should be clear and transparent. It should indicate a student’s overall performance, along with scores in each section. The report should also have the number of questions attempted, incorrect, and correct questions. 

Responsive Support System

Every platform has a complex system and many technical aspects to it. There are several advanced features which new students or teachers are not aware of. So, to make it work smoothly, it should have a robust support system. The response should be quick to address the queries of the students and admin.

You might have other considerations too like budget, needs of your institution and learning requirements. You can include all these considerations along with the given suggestions to provide a holistic experience to your students and teachers. It should provide you with a seamless system to create, conduct and evaluate assessments.