Becoming an author in the digital age is quick and simple. Some basic writing skills, knowing how to create a website, and being familiar with today’s popular social media networks is just enough to start your career as an author.

However, this simple starting process cannot guarantee any satisfying results. There are millions of authors that are trying to make the ends meet right now as we speak. What does that tell?

Becoming an author is easy, though becoming a successful one is truly challenging.Studies suggest that only 1 out of 10 writers reach out to their expectations.

Most authors don’t make it because they lack the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to prevail in today’s over competitive marketplace.

What can you do to stand out of the crowd?

It starts with improving yourself. Improving your expectations, commitment, strategy,knowledge, skills, self-awareness, and so on. There’s a process, a learning curve, that every single successful writer has gone through.

“Patience accompanied by consistent practice is the key to the greatest successes. Practice, become better, be patient, and you’ll eventually win.” – John Lewis, CEO at AssignmentGeek

Before I digress, let us discuss several insightful strategies for improving yourself as an author and writer. Invest in yourself and people will invest in you. Mistreat yourself and people will ignore you. Pay attention and apply!

1.    You Must Want It Badly Enough

If you don’t want it badly enough, you’re never going to make it. Your expectations and standards are literally shaping your reality. The law of attraction works if you. The first step is defining exactly what you want. In your case, becoming a successful author might be an answer.

But you must take it further and be more explicit. Why do you want to become an author? What do you want to change in the world? Who do you want to help? How much will you work?When will you work? Will you take the traditional agency route, or you’ll take an individualistic approach that involves self-publishing and self-promoting your work?

Be extremely concise,visualize yourself living the future you want, and keep thinking about it. The most important part, though, is taking massive action. You need to go out there and make things happen. If you want it badly enough, there’s absolutely no way you’re not going to get it.

2.    Understand Your Mind and Stay Focused

Most people believe that their mind and awareness are one and the same thing. That’s totally wrong. Your mind is extremely complex –it has two big components (the conscious and the subconscious), and it contains every information, feeling, and memory since you were born.

What if you could control your mind to reduce stress, anger, and confusion? What if you could leverage it to pay full attention to your work and accomplish great results?

Becoming a successful author demands a lot of focus. Here’s how you should exercise your concentration. Whenever you speak to your spouse, children, or close friends, give them your undivided attention.

Simply put your awareness in the present moment and keep it for as long as you can. Do the same with every activity you practice daily (especially writing), and don’t let your attention fly away.

Practice, practice, practice, and you’ll eventually master your brain.

3.    Stop Being Afraid

Fear is the trickiest feeling that causes so many problems. The worst part is that most of us are not even aware of its lethal effect. There are many types of fear, yet the most pronounced one is the fear of failure. This goes especially for writers who take a perfectionist approach when writing their first book.

To be able to handle your fears, you’ll need to identify them first. Spend time alone, in solitude,and don’t allow interruptions. Fully focus on your introspection. Go inside your mind and identify the causes of your procrastination, laziness,hesitation, and fear. Once you’ve got the causes, you need to replace them with their opposites.

So, for example, if you simply can’t finish that book even though you know you can, something’s holding you back. If it’s your fear of failure, you should counterattack it with faith, love, confidence, self-esteem, and courage.

4.    Embrace Solitude

A writer must spend a lot of time alone, period. If you hate being alone, you’re most likely avoiding yourself. To become successful and rule your career and life appropriately,you’ll need to be your best friend, not your worst enemy. Therefore, learning how to embrace solitude is another key element to becoming a great author.

5.    Write Every Day

Great authors are also great writers. Their words inspire, motivate, and help people experience various emotions such as love, compassion, melancholy, joy, and so on.

If your writing is mediocre or average, you’re hardly going to create an emotional impact. Your readers expect that, so you’ll need to be able to effectively convey the ideas you get. If you get good ideas and you nurture them properly, people will fall in love with your work sooner or later.

6.    Start Becoming an Entrepreneur

Lastly yet very importantly, successful authors are no longer just professional writers. In today’s digital era, authors should be able to promote their ideas and work to the masses. For that, sales and marketing skills are absolutely required.

Nowadays, branding is extremely powerful. By developing an author’s brand, you’ll be able to attract,nurture, and profit from a database of loyal followers, whom you may speak weekly or monthly through digital communication channels.

Social media marketing, SEO marketing, and direct marketing just some of the strategies you can leverage to improve your author’s brand awareness. Become an entrepreneur and lead yourself on the way to financial freedom!

Take a ways

When you look at great authors, you’re seeing merely the byproduct of their strategy and efforts.Their struggles, challenges, and setbacks are not available to your eye, yet they were real, hard, and truly constructive.

Every author is going through his own unique and delicate process. There’s a unique road for every aspiring writer, hence focusing on yours is surely the best way to get good enough to showcase and popularize your unique author perspective.