The Hogan test has been regarded as one of the best pre-employment assessments because of the quality of insights gathered from it. Perhaps if you are job hunting, you’ve come across a company that used this test. In that case, you may wonder how to do well on the Hogan test. There are a variety of self-study resources available that can be used when preparing for the Hogan test. Here is how to prepare for the Hogan test, as well as some sample questions to expect.

How to prepare for the Hogan test

Writing the Hogan test might be nerve-wracking, especially since you may not be sure which way to answer. Since the questions are open-ended and do not seem to have any right or wrong answers, it may be confusing to know how to respond. This is especially if they ask questions you were not expecting. Therefore, some preparation should be done prior to taking the Hogan test.

Understanding the structure of the test

The first step to prepare for the assessment is to understand the structure as well as the type of questions asked within the test. You can expect a vast majority of multiple-choice questions aimed at assessing a particular aspect of either your cognitive aptitude or personality. This structure can be a little tricky because multiple-choice questions can be a little tricky.

Study guides available

Fortunately, there are also study guides available that can help you prepare for the Hogan tests, which have been sorted and made available digitally. Some of these study guides that are available include some interactive video content. The video content preps you and gives the first-hand experience of how it is like to write this assessment.

Improving your personality

A huge portion of the Hogan tests focuses greatly on testing your personality and what type of employee you would be like. Therefore, to answer these questions honestly, try to work on your personality and be more of a pleasant potential employee. Doing so can also help you become the perfect fit for certain company cultures of great organizations that might be willing to hire you.

Using the practice tests

Practice tests can play an important role in helping you prepare for this assessment since they give you a sneak peek of what it actually looks like. You should familiarize yourself with the Hogan assessment answers by taking a practice test and learning more about the logic behind the questions. The practice tests can also help you improve on the time it takes to complete this assessment.

Hogan test sample questions

Having access to sample questions from the actual assessment can make a huge difference when writing the Hogan test. The sample questions can serve a similar purpose as having access to practice tests. They can boost your overall score for this particular assessment. How can this be accomplished? 

Cognitive ability questions

Some of the questions need some critical thinking and a high cognitive aptitude to improve your score. Skipping them or getting them wrong can cost you plenty because of the value they possess. You can quite easily prepare for them by checking them out in advance before the exam.

Personality questions

Other questions are aimed at making sense of the person you are by revealing your personality and quirks. Knowing what type of questions they ask in advance can help you make necessary adjustments in your personality to answer honestly. Also, getting sample questions can help ease your nerves regarding the test, so you don’t spend a lot of time trying to think about how to respond.

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory questions

Amongst other questions, there is also a different set of multiple-choice tests that ask business-related reasoning questions. In this case, going through the sample questions can help you understand the right and wrong answers. If you do not understand a particular topic, you can research the correct answer before the exam.

How to answer the sample questions

Most people might be tempted to answer the questions as neutral as possible, but this does not work since that will depict deception. On the other hand, others might try to balance good and bad answers when completing the Hogan test. The truth is, this should not be the purpose. Instead, answer honestly as possible since HR departments know what personality types fit in their company.