From Class VII, the level of Mathematics and Science increases, and the terms and relations in subjects are of a high standard. All the basics from Class VII are much useful for further studies, standard syllabus of Science, Maths and Social subjects. There are many sources for referring to the CBSE syllabus and notes as well.

Syllabus of CBSE Class VII:

Class VII now has five subjects Maths, Science, Social, English, Hindi and the other subjects like languages, computer. Because of the New Education policy, it is mandatory to study ‘Coding’ in school. And also they will have to study three languages, one foreign language, and two native languages. The three subjects like Maths, Science, Social are subjects that need more attention and more reading. NCERT books are the best sources for the CBSE syllabus for any subject.

Class VII Maths:

For Class VII Maths, the syllabus covers the topics like Integers, Fractions, Data handling, Triangles and their properties, Simple equations, lines and angles, Exponents, Algebraic expressions, and Symmetry. For a student entering into the subject in-depth knowledge from basics to complicated problems, RS Aggarwal notes is the best source.

RS Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions, is considered the best source to revise class 7 solutions for Maths. Chapters like Lines and Angles are given briefly here, with definitions, diagrams, and problems with solutions. All the angles like obtuse, acute, and right angle are shown with diagrams and their corresponding formulae to find the hypotenuse, sides, etc. Concepts are made clear, simple and students can understand more easily. 

Also, there are many questions to solve as practiced in this textbook. RS Aggarwal has a good number of examples and mock test papers for the final exams of the academic year. They do provide blanks, short answers, all the solutions are by experts and are hundred percent accurate. 

Class VII Social:

Class VII social book has concepts Geography, History, and Civics. Geography has Our Environment book, is of topics like an ecosystem, biotic abiotic life, and the important elements like air, water, and natural vegetation. NCERTs are the best resources for reference and revision. The summary gives the brief of the lesson, activities, and examples that are helpful for revision. Forests, vegetation, earth, biodiversity topics are discussed with good examples. 

Civics topics include the social and political life of India, all about the politics and government in India. At a very basic level, students will understand about marketing, Advertising, Gender difference or the factors like diversity, how they affect the Culture, region. Students will be taught on Equality, how it matters, how the voting system or adult franchise works, how Article 15 grants you equality rights etc.

History includes Medieval Indian History, Delhi Sultanate, Mughals, Eighteenth-century beginning, and their reforms. It deals with the historical factors, administration of Kingdoms which ruled in Medieval History, The kings of Delhi Sultanate, like Alauddin Khilji, Tughlaq, etc. how they made their economy, etc. Their reforms, strategies and the growth of the economy, and what taxes they introduced in their system. For all the Social topics, NCERTs are the best referral books. 

Class VII Science:

NCERT Solutions for Science is the best revision book, the syllabus includes topics like Nutrition in Plants and Animals, Light, Electric, Reproduction in Plants, Heat, Soil, Weather, Organisms, and Acids, bases, etc. All the topics are much helpful in further exams JEE, NEET, etc. NCERTs give good information and knowledge of all the chapters with examples.

Students will get good basics and a clear understanding of topics like Light, which deals with refraction, reflection, concave lens, the convex lens, etc. In the chapter Electric current and its effects, students will learn about symbols of electric current, heating effect, magnetic effect, and electromagnet. All the concepts related to daily life like light, motion, acceleration, etc. are very helpful for further classes and all the topics are basics of important topics.

How to revise with reference books?

  • Knowing the Syllabus and the topics included in each subject, and going on a priority basis is important. 
  • Weightage plays a key role, reading each topic is important, but to score well students need to know which topic has high importance and which topic gets repeated in question papers. 
  • Prepare with previous year papers, at least 5 years before the current year. They are available online and also offline books for previous year papers.
  • Read the NCERTs before referring to any other books, they have much information dn are right to the point.
  • NCERTs are written by experts, have accurate information and are easy to read with better examples. 
  • Have a plan and organize a timetable to study, Good study starts with good discipline.
  • Referral books like RS Agarwal helps as guidance for students.
  • Students can refer to the solutions provided by NCERTs and other referral books, and class notes.

How to manage and save time?

It is often hard to find the right content, suitable material to study for exams. CBSE suggests a few books for their syllabus, like NCERTs. It will be easy and save your time in researching the material or referral books for Class VII subjects. They have accurate solutions and they have the most probability to appear in exams. With many model questions in one book, for one subject, which saves the time of the student to not waste their time in research of the materials.

Students are required to maintain a timetable, for each subject with relevant hours of dedicated time. Try to answer the questions in a fixed time, so that it will be helpful in exams not to skip a question. Maintain revision books, practice more model papers. Practice passage reading and increase the speed of reading. 

Why are referral books required?

Not everything we read in textbooks is clearly understood, sometimes even with examples, we tend to forget what we read or how they are relevant for the topic. For students, who miss the topics in class or for those who could not understand some topics and improve their knowledge, referral books help them to achieve their goals. 

There are quite a number of books, with good examples for every topic. The Solutions will be understandable and in basic language, for English and other medium students. Overall, It is required for a student to understand how much ever they research, and at the end they need to revise more and complete the syllabus in time.