You’re unfocused, sighing a lot, and feel like tearing your hair out. While you wanted to do it, graduate school keeps you busy and stretched thin at times. As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, graduate school can seem very overwhelming. 

Graduate school is hard enough as it is. It might make you despair a bit, surrounded by all your work, and not sure how best to complete it. 

Don’t fret! There’s always a way to succeed. Here are some graduate school technology tips you need to know about to make your graduate school journey a little bit easier.

For Organization

As a graduate student, you need to remain organized. Keeping all of your deadlines, assignments, meetings, and more in one place can help you stay organized. 

Apps like Evernote or Google Drive/Calendar can help you organize your files and deadlines in one place. Alternatively, you can also keep a bullet journal! Bullet journals are fun because you can customize it to your own needs.  

Your personal organization can benefit from knowing how you process information

For Translation

No matter what language you’re learning, you do need a reliable translation app or service to help you out from time to time. Learning languages is difficult, so relying on a translation service to help you translate a word or sentence can make the whole process a little easier. 

For those of you studying difficult languages like Gaelic, there are Gaelic translation services that can help you along the way. 

For Research

For research, it’s important to know this important tip: look to reputable sources. 

It seems easier said than done, but this is where research databases come in handy. The Library of Congress is, of course, always there for your use. 

Another database you’ll want to use for research is JSTOR. Your institution should be able to grant you access to JSTOR’s extensive library of peer-reviewed and research papers. 

For Time Management

Time management is sometimes impossible. However, perhaps you’re not taking enough advantage of technology to help you manage your time better. 

This can be something as simple as setting alarms on your phone. Work for 15 minutes; then you get a couple of minutes’ break. You can alter these times as needed, but when that alarm starts, you don’t check any social media or open YouTube until that alarm goes off. 

For Breaks

Of course, you need to take breaks too. Graduate school isn’t all about work, work, work.

This is where technology can step in! Look at some funny videos on YouTube or TikTok! This will help give your distance between you and your graduate school work. 

These are some pretty nifty and easy graduate school technology tips to follow. 

Graduate School Technology Tips for All

These are some of the many graduate school technology tips you can begin to implement in your own life. With these tips, you can see improvements in your concentration, time management, translation work, and organization. 

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