The TOGAF certification is widely selected by managerial personnel, who wish to enhance their knowledge regarding the Enterprise Architecture (EA). So, passing the TOGAF exam will validate that they hold the skills for developing the world’s most reliable Enterprise Architecture.

Moreover, TOGAF is also adopted by organizations which help them in developing the enterprise architecture that’s consistent, flexible and employs best practices.

What is the difficulty level of the TOGAF Certification?

In order to avail your TOGAF certification, you need to first clear TOGAF Level 1 and Level 2 exams. In case you fail any one of these exams, you will not be able to achieve the all in all passing result. But one thing is positive, that you can reappear for the exam.

As per the TOGAF experts, availing the Togaf training online is worth your time. All you need to do is focus in the right direction and try to achieve good results. Moreover, there are no shortcuts to TOGAF certification. But, here are some exam tips that can help in your preparation:

  • Fasten yourself for the exam
  • Master the TOGAF Level 2 exam.
  • Understand the Importance of ADM diagram
  • Personal Experience is not always right.
  • Practice for the exam

Let’s help you out to reach closer to the role of Enterprise Architecture, by providing you with a deep understanding of tips. Proper understanding will help you to prepare for the TOGAF certification.

Fasten yourself for the exam

The TOGAF exam comes with a fixed amount of time for completing the exam. So, when clocks start to give your best shot because there is no stopping until the exam over. Duration for the exam are:

  • Duration for Level 1 exam: 60 mins in which applicant need to cover 40 multiple choice questions.
  • Duration for Level 2 exam: 90 mins duration for level 2 exam and applicant need to complete 8 scenario-based questions

While in the exam, keep your focus on the exam but also keep an eye on the time. For your ease, you see time on the top of your screen during the exam.

If you are not a native speaker or not good in English, then select ESL (English as a Second Language, this option will give you more time like Level 1 duration will get an increase to 90 mins and for Level 2 time will be 135 mins.

So, for Level 1 exam you get an average of 90 seconds for every question to make your decision. If you got a question that taking too long and slowing your progress, then try to skip such questions for last. And try to answer easier questions which take less time.

Once you complete the Level 1 exam, you have the option to go for the Level 2 exam. If you complete the Level 1 exam and still have time, so, don’t hurry into Level 2. You will not get extra time for your Level 2 section; once you move onto Level 2, you won’t be able to return to level 1 to make the last minute changes.  

Master the TOGAF Level 2 exam?

Level 2 exam is entirely different from the level 1 exam, the Level 2 exam is an open book, and you need to access a soft copy of the specification that is developed in the Prometric test software.

The Level 2 exam holds 8 scenarios, and each scenario comes with 4 potential multiple choice answers. Each question is grad as 5 points, next closest answer you get 3 points, and next closest will give you 1 point and 0 if your selected answer is not right.

If you answer every question of scenario correctly, you will get 40 points. That means perfect 100%, but the passing rate is 60%; so you need to score more than 24 points. So, if you want to conquer these scenarios you first need to analyze and understand them. Later,  examine the phase of ADM (Architecture Development Method) cycle that suits the stakeholders.

There is one more thing that can help you in the exam. When you make any choice in the examination, first eliminate the wrong answers. It helps you in creating the most suitable answer. Once you remove the wrong answers, you still can earn a point on a question.

Understand the Importance of ADM diagram

If you are applying for the TOGAF examination, then you surely know the importance of ADM in TOGAF. But still, ADM is the one behind the formation of the core of TOGAF. Also, it gets support from other major parts of TOGAF: TOGAF Resource Base and TOGAF enterprise continuum.

Source: ADM Diagram

The ADM is summarised briefly in the diagram which you can see above. So, here the suggestion is to memorize the ADM diagram as it will help you out in your exam.

Personal Experience is not always right.

The following tip is specifically for the experienced architects. It is tempting that you have individual experience while taking the exam. But, you need to go through the TOGAF standards.

If you have a piece of personal knowledge and experience in TOGAF, then it is fantastic. But, exam specifically designed to test your TOGAF knowledge, so there is no place for your interpretation of TOGAF. All that matters is the right implementation of the framework; there is no need for your experience.

Practice for the Exam

No matter which exam we are going, practice is something that is really important to clear that exam. Similarly, with TOGAF certification exam you need to practice a lot because the more you practice, the chance to clear the exam increases.

So, how you can practice? When it’s about practice, you first need to gather study material or content. There are various resources available online that provide study material regarding the TOGAF like pdf’s, video tutorial, The Open group website.

You can even choose Togaf related online course that will help you to practice every aspect related with TOGAF certification exam. Also, you can approach a TOGAF certified expert, he/she will be a real help for you in your practice.