Family movie nights are more than just fun.

They’re also a great way to bond with your family, nurture positive behaviors, relieve stress, and create memories.

If you’re ready to plan a movie night at home that your family will love, keep reading for 7 ways to make it special.

1. Choose a Movie Everyone Will Enjoy

Family time is only fun when everyone is involved and interested in what’s going on. That means choosing a movie for a family night that appeals to everyone’s interests.

Just because you have younger children doesn’t mean that your movies need to be animated. There are plenty of family-friendly films out there that are appropriate and enjoyable for all ages.

2. Take Turns Picking

If your kids are different ages or have very different interests, choosing a movie that everyone will love can be a challenge. Rather than stressing over it, take turns picking a film.

This is a great way for your kids to share their interests with the rest of the family. It’s also a fun way for your kids to get exposed to different genres. Taking turns will make each child feel special when it’s their turn, and teach them to respect and appreciate their siblings when it’s someone else’s week to pick.

3. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s important to pick a movie that everyone will enjoy. But while old classics are always a good pick, turning movie night into a chance to help your family break out of their comfort zone.

Watching foreign films is a great way to expose your kids, both young and old, to different cultures and languages. Movies Counter can help you choose top foreign films that your whole family will enjoy.

4. Encourage Discussions

While movie nights should be all about the fun, it doesn’t hurt to mix in some learning.

Encouraging a discussion about the movie, such as talking about problems the characters faced and how they handled them, or even just discussing why you did or did not like a film, is a great way to get your kids thinking.

5. Make it a Theme Night

Take your movie nights to the next level by setting a theme and going all out.

You and your kids could dress up in costumes, decorate your living room, and even enjoy some fun themed snacks. This is great for getting everyone excited about the film, and a fun way to turn a regular week n

6. Schedule Movie Nights in Advance

While there’s nothing wrong with an impromptu film night, planning the big evening in advance will give you time to work on your theme. 

Planning activities in advance is also a great way for parents with shared custody to give their kids something to look forward to when it’s their turn to be with that parent.

7. Turn Your Living Room into a Fun Theater

If you don’t mind a bit of cleanup, making your living room into a theater is a fun way to get your kids excited and make the night feel special.

Throw as many blankets and pillows as you can find on the floor of your living room. Drag out special bean bag chairs or inflatable mattresses so that everyone can lounge in comfort.

In the summer, you can even hang up a sheet outside and use a project

Making Your Movie Night at Home a Success

A movie night at home is always a great way to spend time with your family. You and your kids could dress up in St Patrick’s Day costumes, decorate your living room, and even enjoy some fun-themed snacks.

But if you want to expose your kids to even more culture, you can’t beat traveling the world. Check out this article next to learn what you need to know about passports for minors.