For the most part, all our fun stuff is indoors – the big TV set, the sound system, the big cozy couch that make a perfect relaxation spot. If we want to organize a party or a movie night, we’re usually limited to the inside of our house. While this can be perfectly fun, it’s a little sad that we miss out on all the benefits of spending more time outside – the fresh air, the scent of our garden, and the soothing atmosphere of nature around us.

But what if we could take that cozy indoor atmosphere and take it outside? Getting the best of both worlds is entirely possible if you arrange your backyard just right and get a few cool gadgets that will provide you with the kind of entertainment you seek.

If you need some help with planning, we’re here for you. We’re about to show you how to transform your backyard and turn it into entertainment central.

Find a good spot

It’s a good idea to map out the area you intend to use for entertainment purposes. In general, it’s a good idea to use a part of your backyard that’s spacious enough to fit a few bit pieces like a TV and several chairs, and you want it to have good shade so it can protect you from the summer heat.

Before finding your spot, starts by cleaning your backyard. Removing clutter and making everything neat will make it easier to plan everything out later. Besides, the point of backyard entertainment is to enjoy some beautiful sights and breathe in clean air. You can’t do much of that with a messy backyard.

Invest in an outdoor TV

This is going to be your centerpiece for outdoor entertainment. Getting a good outdoor TV will take your family movie night to a whole new level, but you have to make sure you get something that’s genuinely meant to be used outside. Simply dragging your TV outside won’t really do the trick, and you’ll risk damaging it or even breaking it if you aren’t careful.

Quality outdoor TVs are usually made to be waterproof and can withstand more extreme weather temperatures, while regular TVs are really only meant to be used indoors. Outdoor sets are also likely to have anti-glare screens that are a real lifesaver during summertime.

Bring out good speakers

Now that you’ve taken care of the video, it’s time to turn to the audio portion of your plan. In general, your best bet for this are wireless Bluetooth speakers because they can be connected to anything and moved around as needed. Connect them to your TV during movie night, or power them up when you’re lounging by the pool so you could enjoy relaxing beats.

Good speakers are also crucial when you’re making parties because nothing brings the mood down faster than shoddy sound quality. Besides, if you grab a good set of outdoor speakers there’s no reason you can’t use them inside as well if you need to.

Find cozy furniture

Forget about uncomfortable lawn chairs. To make your outdoor experience truly unique, bring out some genuinely comfortable furniture that invites people to lie back, relax, and enjoy themselves fully. Lounge chairs can be a good idea, but don’t be afraid to go for a good outdoor couch if you spot in your backyard that’s secluded enough to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

Don’t forget the lighting

Lighting is that final finishing touch that will complete the whole experience. If you plan to enjoy your backyard in the evening good lighting is particularly important. If you want a soothing, romantic atmosphere consider grabbing a few torches – you don’t need many to get that perfect sexy mood that invites people to snuggle up and enjoy each other’s company.

You should also consider string lighting – a few ropes of fairy lights placed strategically can give the whole space a magical atmosphere and they’re a fairly inexpensive investment. Fairy lights are particularly beautiful when placed in gardens because they give everything a pleasant does of whimsy.

Turn up the heat

If you want to spend time in your backyard corner even during cold weather, consider getting an outdoor heater. Electric patio heaters can be placed strategically so they keep your feet warm, and this way you can still watch your outdoor TV or enjoy smooth jazz as you lounge outside during those chilly autumn months.

Here’s one more tip before we go – give your corner a personal touch. If you invest time and love in decorating it and get the right kind of TV set and speakers, you’ll be able to enjoy unforgettable evenings with your friends and family outside.