If you are like many, music is a magical world that makes you smile, lifts your spirits, and motivates you while you exercise. For some people, though, listening to music randomly throughout the week just isn’t enough. There are individuals that need music filled days as much as their bodies require water. If you love music and wish you could center your whole life around playing, creating, or mixing the tones, chords, and tempos you love, why not try making money with music in these six creative ways.


Technology has boosted many budding musical careers, so why not create a website that allows you to showcase your creative endeavors. You can create videos, blogs, and advertise your availability to help others begin a musical experience. No matter which area of musicality you want to explore, a website can help you make money with music.

2. DJ

If you love the nightlife, can mix tunes that make people bounce, and are not afraid of crowds, why not try being a DJ at one of your neighborhood clubs, bars, or trendy restaurants? You can also let your friends and family know you are available for parties, shows, and events. Depending on the size of the venue you work, you may even be able to sell your merchandise to individuals that attend.

3. Teaching

Whether you are a stay at home music lover or someone that enjoys making music after work every day, why not teach others to play an instrument in the comfort of your home? If you are musically trained vocally, you can also teach others to sing. There are internet websites that help teachers and students find one another, so why not begin today!

4. Songs

Can you create catchy songs that make people want to sing along to? Why not find a career as a songwriter to the stars while you are waiting for your big break. Royalties on purchased songs can make a lucrative income for gifted writers because you could make $.0755 a sold song per unit. That means if someone includes your song on their album and it sells 1,000,000 copies, you would make $75,500. Remember to join one of the three organizations on performing rights to ensure you get the money due to you for all royalties.

5. Technology

Have you ever considered creating music for a galaxy far, far away? Yes, you can become a video game score creator, a movie musical contributor, or a cartoon background music writer. As the world of technology explodes and movies, video games, and animated features become more popular than ever before, there are more possibilities for you to create music that will be heard by millions.

6. Contests

For those that love the thrill of competing against other musicians, there are songwriting contests in almost every nation in the world. Most of the contests include up to 25 categories, including jazz, electronic dance, pop, and children’s songs. The contests offer cash or prizes to multiple winners each year.

The above list includes only six of the ways you can creatively make money using your musical talent. If you love technology, find what you love to do and make it happen in a new and creative way – or write a song and watch it go viral from a video you posted. You can use your musical talent to make money!