Friedrich Nietzsche was right when he said that “without music, life would be a mistake”. Music is the window to the most intricate parts of our emotions and a gateway to the soul.

Smartphones are great portable music players. Pairing your phones with the right music app can elevate your entire music experience to greater heights. With music apps, you can either stream music online or build your collection to listen to offline.

Because of the multitude of mobile apps on the web, it’s not easy picking the right app for your phone. You also might get caught up in the streaming frenzy and forget about having an app for your favorite music cache to listen to when you’ve run out of data.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of nine of the best music apps, including online and offline music apps, for you to consider.

The 9 Best Music Apps for Your Phone

Here are our top 9 music apps you should consider installing on your phone.

1. Spotify

Spotify is arguably the most popular music streaming service to date. With over 200 millions users worldwide and counting, Spotify seems to have touched the hearts of many music lovers.

As one of the best music streaming apps, Spotify contains an enormous music library from all over the world. The app allows you to keep tabs on your favorite artist and also sync music to other devices. You can also make your own radio station to play songs tailored to your interests.

Spotify boasts an ingenious discovery engine that is a miracle on its own. This engine allows you to explore new music and old music you might have missed out on over the years. Your music preference and listening history play a major role in what songs the app recommendeds.

You can download the basic Spotify version for free or the ad-free premium version which also allows you to download music anywhere at any time. Spotify is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Pandora

Music enthusiasts have dubbed Pandora as the best music streaming service, though the statement is subject to debate.

Pandora is very easy to use. Search your favorite artists, choose their best songs, and Pandora will do the rest for you. The app’s system learns from your music taste over time, playing the songs you like and not the ones you skip.

Pandora also allows for podcast streaming, which is a feature that Spotify lacks. You can also bookmark your favorite artists’ to play their songs later on the go or even save your favorite radio stations

Pandora is available for both Android and iOS for free. You can also sync them to your desktop, kindle, and NOOK along with other devices

3. Amazon Music

You’ve probably heard of Amazon but never heard of the Amazon Music app. If you’re lucky enough to have an Amazon Prime membership, then you should take advantage of the Prime Music feature that comes with the subscription.

Amazon music allows you to stream over fifty million songs from a wide selection of music from all over the world. With Prime Music, you also get to download your favorite tracks to listen to offline.

Amazon Music is simple and easy to use and is a great bonus for anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Music is free for both iOS and Android. You will, however, have to pay for Amazon Prime membership to download music.

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a great platform for supporting new artists or listening to your favorite alternative or electronic music mixtapes. This music app is free and available for most smart devices.

Apart from upcoming artists, SoundCloud has all your favorite tracks and albums from more famous artists too. Podcasts and radio stations are also available on SoundCloud like on Pandora.

You can also opt for an offline version of the SoundCloud app, where you can download free or buy music.

5. Apple Music

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Apple Music. Exclusive for iOS, Apple Music is best suited for people on the ‘Apple ecosystem’ because of automatic synchronization.

Apple Music allows you to stream your favorite artists and download songs to your liking. Unfortunately, unlike another streaming service, Apple Music does not offer a free subscription. Subscribers pay 10 dollars a month for the service.

If you’re an Android user, you’ll have to sit this one out.

6. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the Apple Music of Android devices and is arguably the best music player app on Playstore. Google Play Music comes pre-installed in all android devices and is available for download on iOS too.

Google Play Music is a simple and effective music player with an easy user interface. The music app can play any music on the internet and download them for offline listening. The app works seamlessly with Google assistant integration for devices like Alexa and Echo.

A Google Play Music unlimited subscription costs ten dollars per month, which is within the range of most streaming services.

7. YouTube Music

We all know how frustrating it gets when you can’t play your songs on Youtube without seeing the video. Fortunately, YouTube Music is there to ease our frustrations and iron our listening experience.

This new entry into the music streaming scene has been well received by music lovers everywhere. The app has tons of your favorite songs along with music covers, live performances, and even electronic mixes.

The free version has the occasional ad, but the ten-dollar per month is ad-free. You also get to download as much music as you want.

8. iHeart Radio App

If listening to the radio is your cup of tea, the iHeart Radio App is for you. The app allows you to listen to your favorites stations and podcast with no interruptions from commercials breaks.

You can also listen to your favorite podcasts, view on-screen lyrics while playing your song, and even save radio station presets for easier access next time you want to tune in. Some users even set specific times for specific radio stations and alarms for particular shows.

9. TuneIn

TuneIn is a great alternative to the iHeart Radio App. It has a fantastic user interface that is simple and easy-to-use.

You also have access to a ton of radio stations nearby and can also search for radio stations that play your best artists’ songs. If you subscribe to their premium service, you can record your favorite stations and have an ad-free listening experience.

TuneIn is free but will cost 10 dollars per month for the premium subscription. The premium subscription is ad-free and offers over 100,000 radio stations for diehard radio fans.

If you’re looking for the best iTunes alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux, check out this service.

Listen To Your Music Anywhere

These nine best music apps let you listen to music on your terms. You can listen to any song you want at any time without dealing with advertisements and annoying DJs. The free music apps are good, but you’ll get your money’s worth when you choose to subscribe monthly for the premium services.

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