Music festivals are a great way to relax and unwind with friends. Listening to your favorite singer, and chanting along with some crazy dance moves makes great memories.

But music festivals are long, and sometimes they go on for days which mean camping. The event requires you to pack some essentials so that, you are prepared for any situation. With snacks, water, and first- aid box, you should pack some crazy, but useful things too.

Check out the list below so that you pack well for your next trip. With some basic things, this list also has some amazing gadgets.

So here is a list of top 10 Things that you must definitely carry to a Music Festival:

1. The right shoes

In a music festival, you will have to stand for a long time. So, wear shoes that are comfortable and protect your feet. Always have an extra pair of shoes in case you want to change. You must also have a shoe sack to keep them safe if you want your feet to breathe.

2. Pee Funnels

Music festivals can last for quite a long time. Peeing in a public washroom is uncomfortable and unhygienic. If you are a woman carry a pee funnel, it is a feminine urinary product that lets you pee standing. With this, you don’t have to worry peeing in an exposed or dirty bathroom. Find out more here about best female urination device.

3. Carpet

Some music festivals carry on till late night while some go on for days. In such a case, you need to camp at the site, and for that, you need the right gear. So, carry a tarp or carpet so that you can relax before diving back into the festival.

4. A backpack that folds into a chair too

Nowadays, backpacks that can carry snacks and essential items and fold into a chair too are popular. If you are planning to go to a music festival, you must buy such a backpack. It is really helpful when you feel tired by helping you to sit back and relax.

5. A pack or two of cleaning wipes

It is not possible to wash your face in a festival with a thousand people around you. So, carrying 2-3 packs of cleaning wipes is the best thing. They help keep your face clean and sweat free. Also, they are great for cleaning utensils or anything that feels unclean.

Moreover, carry a sanitizer for your hands and toilet seat.

6. Fanny pack or money belt

If you carry a backpack, you will continuously worry about your wallet and other essentials. So, it is better to carry a fanny pack or money belt. They are in the front so you can keep a check on them anytime while enjoying the songs.

7. Plastic utensils

Carrying steel utensils or crockery is not a great idea. So, invest in some plastic utensils like plates and cups. They are lightweight, and you don’t have to worry about washing them.

8. Extra battery

Smartphones batteries drain quickly no matter what the company claims. In a music festival, where you will definitely take photos and video, the battery would drain even quicker. It is smart to carry extra battery like power banks at times like these. A fully charged power bank works for a long time. Also, nowadays you can get power banks with multiple charging points, flashlight and even the option to hang it in your money belt.

9. Cash

Music festivals mean a lot of food and other stalls. And most of these stalls won’t have the means to use a plastic card. So, carry a good amount of cash and change with you.

10. Water and snacks

It is the basic essential for survival. But trust me many people are dehydrated because of limited water. So, carry enough water and bottles that you can fill from there. Yes, you can buy water, but it might not suit you. Being prepared is better. Also, carry some snacks like dry fruits or biscuits and so on.

Also, carry a first-aid box and some basic medicines for cold and headache.

The list has all the basic necessities and some other cool things that will make your music festival wonderful.