Fleas are the main cause of skin diseases such as itching, allergies, infections and inflammation on our neck, hands, face or legs. In addition, fleas are intermediate to infectious diseases such as fever and plague. If fleas suck blood for a long time, the host will be reduced resistance then lead to the risk of death. Therefore, flea control in the house is a very important matter for everyone, especially the pet owners.

Fleas would prefer to live on animals rather than the human body, so the first thing you need to do is controlling fleas on your pets.

Bathe for your pets

You should bathe your dog or cat with a flea bath oil or dishwashing liquid extracted from the lemon peel or tangerine peel. Bathing will help remove fleas that cling to pet hair. After bathing your pet, you should use a flea brush to comb your pet hair. The lice brush can be used instead. If you are planning to use flea-borne fleas, it is advisable to cut off the bristle for easier treatment because the flea-sprays need to be sprayed onto the skin where fleas are hiding. You should consult your doctor before using a topical or oral medication to kill fleas.

Treat fleas for your pets with sprays and oral medications

To kill fleas on your pet, you can use the oral medication such as Program and Sentinel. The recommended flea sprays are Hantox and Frontline. When using sprays and medicines for pets, ensuring that the correct dosage does not affect the pet. Do not use the dog oral medication for cats as it can cause nerve problems for them.

Clean pet’s cage, supplies and clothing

Washing pet’s bedding, clothing and cage will eliminate most of eggs and larvae on them. The cleaning will not completely kill fleas but only can remove the eggs and fleas. The flushing and drying process will eliminate the rest of the fleas on the fabric.

Keep your pets indoors at least 30 days after taking the treatment

If the pet has to go out, you should keep them away from grass, gravel, sand and decayed areas as these are the areas where fleas originate.

You should keep the pet away from other pets as it is possible that fleas from them will jump to your pet. It is important to continue using sprays and flea shower until your pet flea-free.

Flea treatment for your house

Use Hantox flea spray to prevent and kill fleas


Once you’ve treated the flea origins on your pet, then the next thing is to kill the fleas in the house and yard and handle fleas to avoid biting you and your kids. Fleas can suck human blood to reproduce. If you find fleas around your house, use a Hantox spray flea spray on your socks and ankles to kill them and prevent them from biting you.

Carefully clean the floor and carpet

.Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum carpet, floor and cushions. Vacuum cleaners can collect all the eggs and fleas. After that, you should pack up the dirt in the vacuum cleaner and throw into the trash. Next, use a flea spray to spray on the head of the vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining eggs and fleas left on the machine.

. Use flea spray around walls, floors and carpets. Mosquito sprays can also be used.

. Handle your yard: clean up waste and leaves, grass should be cut. Use mosquito spray to spray grass and bushes around the house where your pet often comes.

Some natural ways to kill fleas

Salt:Besides the advantages of treating human health such as toothache, tooth decay and sore throat, salt can also kill fleas. Sprinkle salt on the carpet and leave for a day. You then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. Apply this measure for a week and all fleas on carpets are removed.

Borax powder: it has the effect of a bactericidal action on the skin and is also used as insecticides. Spray borax powder on the doghouse for a night and it will flea free in the next morning.

Bagasse: You can place bagasse in the doghouse or the areas of fleas. Bagasse can attract fleas to hide. In the next morning, you just need to collect bagasse and burn to eliminate fleas.

Hope that our tips will help you protect your house from fleas. Share this article with others if you find it useful.