The wedding is one of the most important events of an individual life. Be it food menu or decoration, the symbolic value of the day is such that you would want everything to be entirely in step with the occasion. Among other things, the bride and groom pay great attention to their looks as well. Because they do not want to appear ugly when someday their children flip through marriage album. In the past, brides would have the shower with compliments for being a visual treat. The reason behind this is that the grooms had limited dresses and styles to choose from. However, this is not the case anymore. Today, there are equally good dresses for men to attire on the wedding day. To give you a better idea, we are listing Men 5 top-trending custom wedding dresses of 2020 in the following section:

1.Printed elegance 

Ever since the printed suit has hit the scene and has never ceased to become the talk of the town. The design comprises of a slim pant, cropped coat, and regular plain white shirt. The slack and coat generally contain unique patterns. For some people, this much print could be overwhelming and may hold sway on their personality. In that case, you may go with an everyday pant. If worn tastefully, this will suffice to pull off a sparkling look. Arguably, the most distinguishing feature of the outfit is that it comes up with a wide range of colors. So if dark colors like black and blue are not your cup of tea, you have many neon colors at your disposal. The printed suit is free from either formal or bow tie. 


Nowadays, people growing distaste for modern designs is quite evident. That is what lead designers to dive into the past and produce retro and, guess what, it has made thumping entry into the world of wedding suits. Silk lining, cuffs, and neckband will remind you of the good old days. Of late, retro has become increasingly common at themed weddings. If old folks of your house are the apple of your eyes, wearing the retro suit is the best way to convey your love to them. 


This dress has been naming after its highly elaborate coat, which will enhance your appeal, unlike anything with the high English collar and pointed cutting at the back. The layout of the coat is so distinctive that one can venture to call it the epitome of uniqueness. Tailcoat is best complimented by a pink and white shirt. Though bowtie is often a go-to choice, you can take the liberty to prefer a scarf for a distinctive look. If you are searching for a classic expression of your personality, you need not look any further. 


Two-button is also commonly known as a double-breasted suit. As the name suggests, the standout feature of the suit is its two exquisite rows of buttons. Moreover, it also possesses a narrow cut in the back that serves the purpose of keeping you at ease while moving around. Two-button commonly paired with a pale color shirt and plain stripe necktie. Not many people are aware of the underlying delicacy of this suit. But, the double-breasted model is designed for men with less than average height. You do not get to see such quality in a lot of clothing.  


This list surely can not come to a close without mentioning the name of the dress that is grabbing a lot of headlines in 2020. Indeed, celebrities played a significant role in the commonizing layered suit. You should keep a few things in mind to extract the maximum mileage out of the suit. For example:

  • The belt must be visible. So make sure the length of your vest coat does not cover the belt.  
  • Your shoes and belt should not be of matching color. 

The final verdict 

It is the story of the bygone era when grooms had to be content with whatever wedding-dress came their way. The attires mentioned above are up and running in the contemporary year. Hopefully, you won’t have a hard time select the one that goes with your personality.